Homesteading Survival : Emergency Foods You Should Stockpile

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Let's discuss Emergency Foods You Should Stockpile in the pantry. Homesteading life is not an easy task. Be it the time when you live in the city or the place outside the grid. You may notice that there are times when the food needs to be in pantry when the winter season arrives or the rainy season, when you can't go out much either.

So here are some of the items that you can stockpile in pantry.


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  1. Salt
    Almost every food item that you prepare these days makes use of the salt in one or the other way. Table salt or the sea salt are worth keeping stock. Its one of the essential cooking item.
  2. Sugar
    Though many people these days prefer to avoid sugar, but some dishes cant be made without it. You can either use sugar cubes or the small sugar powder. So this is another essential item.
  3. Milk Powder
    Milk may not be possible to acquire in some odd days. And in such case the milk powder is the only option. So you may want to check out local places for the milk powder.
  4. Oil:
    People these days either use coconut oil or olive oil, peanut oil or even other types of oil depending on the dish. But it's one item worth keeping the stock pile of there.
  5. Oats:
    They are often preferred by the people who wish to keep the diet on and don't want to stuff their stomach. I prefer Quaker oats. There are many recipes that can be made with it.
  6. Vinegar:
    I don't have any specific needs for this but, both white vinegar and the apple cider vinegar are worth keeping in stockpile every year. You can also learn how to make apple cider vinegar.
  7. Chilly Powder:
    Many food dishes require the red chilly powder.So don't forget to stockpile the chilly powder.
  8. Canned Vegetables:
    You may have to learn how to can the beans and other vegetables. This should be in your stock every year and should be used before next cycle.
  9. Canned Soup:
    Just like vegetables, you can can the soup or purchase such soup powders if required. I like knorr soups and keep them on stock. They can be handy during the off seasons and the seasons when you can't go out much.
  10. Rice:
    I don't suggest rice for those who suffer from thyroid, diabetes and other weight gain issues. However during the winter, this can pretty much help in the winter.
  11. Dehydrated Foods
    You can stockpile some of the food items so that you can use them in off season. So these dehydrated food items are worth having in winter and other seasons when you an't go out much.
  12. Breakfast and Night time foods:
    You may consider stockpiling, tea, coffee and other food items which you can use for the breakfast and the night time.

So that's it for today.

I hope you like this post. Do let me know in the comments your opinion on my content.


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