Great NON GMO, Organic Seed Companies

When purchasing seeds for my Homestead I only want the best. I only want heirloom, organic, NON-GMO seeds if at all possible. Here are the companies that I order from every year that NEVER disappoint me.

Baker Creek
You can request a catalog or shop at their website

Annie's Heirloom Seeds
A catalog can be requested or shop at their website

SowTrueSeed, this is my favorite seed company, its closest to my home and they have the cutest packages ever! I collect them and use them in my art journaling. They are way to pretty to throw away!
A catalog can be request or shop their website at

Seed Savers Exchange
Request a catalog or shop their website at

Shop his website at for the cheapest seed prices!

I've had excellent success with all of these seed companies. With the end of the growing season approaching right now is a great time to stock up on seeds for next year at discounted prices. Happy shopping 👍🏻

If you have a seed company that you prefer please leave me a comment I'd love to check them out. Thanks for reading!



Thanks for sharing I'll look these companies up 👍🏻

I also use a company called Clear Creek.

Thanks! I'll look them up!

Awesome article! I never know where to buy from so this is helpful :) Thank you! Resteemed

I know some people don't like the big names, but Burpee and Territorial Seed Company sell heirloom seeds as well. Thanks for sharing the others. I already knew about MIGarender, Baker Creek and Seed Savers Exchange.

Territorial Seed Company is amazing. I actually planted several seeds from them this year. I totally forgot about them since I didn't have any packets. Thanks for the reminder and posting so others can see 👍🏻

Great info, too late for my little garden this year, but now I have some good places to check for next year.

Guessing these are most ideal if you are in the USA, but still great to have so many resources in one place. I'd seen MIgardener on Youtube and wondered about his seeds. Glad to know they are worthwhile. There is also a guy with a channel called 'VeganAthlete' in AZ and i believe he sells seeds and rare interesting things. Nice post @mylilhomestead !

Vegan Athlete is great! I love watching him!

Thanks for this list. I get asked all the time for good seed companies. A few years back I found Bountiful Gardens. I haven't been disappointed yet.

I'll check it out! Thanks!

Oh thank you so much for sharing! I love the artwork on the Sow True Seed packets!

I have ordered from Baker Creek and Seed Savers Exchange, but I am totally going to check the other resources out. 😊