Man bro...what a story! Sorry for the loss!
Have a great Sukkot in "Hell" hahaha...ok sorry I had to say it! But seriously, have a good time...hopefully your back will cooperate!

Hoping to have a good time. Shalom

How long have you guys lived in Idaho? It has always been a dream of mine to live up there. How do you all like it?

Almost a decade. I go back and forth on how I like it. I should say, I go back and forth on missing what I grew up with. I grew up in Southeast Texas. Flat ground, not much rock, big shallow lakes, rivers, grass growing most of the year. I knew how to fish and hunt back home. Here is very different. We have a 8-16 week drought every summer. The terrain here is beautiful, but produces major challenges to building, fencing, gardening...pretty much anything. Everything you do here requires, at least on our type of steep property, 5-10 times the work and or money to get it done. Most of the land here has become WAY over priced.

There are things I do love here. Fewer people, beautiful views EVERYWHERE. I love it when I do get to deer, elk, turkey, grouse, etc... hunt. Water in the streams and rivers are almost always clear and cold. The people here are as extreme as the terrain and weather. We have rolling prairies and steep valleys and mountains. We have -25 winters and 115 summers. We have extreme anarchist, ready to shoot anybody trespassing to extreme liberals who would rather see you and your child die than you hurt or kill a wolf or bear that is attacking you. Idaho is a land of extremes. If you move here, it can be difficult and take time to be accepted by most. I was eating breakfast with a friend a few weeks ago, and there was a table of older men sitting next to us. We know these men, and they have been mayors, police chiefs, fire chiefs and so on of our little town. They told us that they accepted me and trusted me within a year or so of meeting me. My friend, however, they said it took several years. It just depends on your personality type, where you are coming from, and who you get to know around here to determine if or when you will be accepted by the locals.

Where are you now?

We are in central Kentucky right now. We are full time farmers. We enjoy it here the weather is great. My wife and I have just always wanted to go out west to the Mountains. Mostly we just want to do what YHWH wants us to do. Northern IDaho has always been interesting to me. What made you move up there from TX?

We do have many believers fact we are getting ready for Sukkot with them. Funny part is, we are doing Sukkot at...get this..."Hells Gate" state park. LOL. My parents bought this place 20 years ago, but never lived here full time. They ended up back in Texas and kept asking me and my wife to move here if we wanted to. I found a job, and we left. If you come up this way, for a visit or to move, let me know. I always love meeting those brothers following YHWH. Shalom

Thank you. We are headed to Tennessee this year for Sukkot. We will take you up on the offer if we ever get out your way. Have a wonderful day. Shalom Brother!!!

Are you meeting up with a group there in Tennessee? If so which one?

It is just my family. We have not had much luck finding anyone else around here that is following Torah

Sorry to hear that. If you are willing to drive that direction what about doing Sukkot where I am? I am only about another hour and a half or so north of where @thefarmerswife is from here in IL. I could introduce you to some people that have been doing and teach Torah for a few decades now as well as some others not doing it as long! However it's probably too late to change your plans, well either way the one I go to starts setting up this coming Sunday. I'm also not sure when you are starting Sukkot, as I know there are different calendars out there that people follow.

Oh I meant to say if you are interested in any way or have any questions, etc... just hit me up on discord. simms50#8151

I'm so sorry you lost her after all the time and investment. Keeping animals is definitely a challenge.

After all this, I hope you are able to have a really restful Sukkot. It's always complete craziness for us leading up to the holy days. The challenge is for us to let it go and have joy in the time. (I say "us", but it's really "me"!)

I am praying for a good Sukkot as well. Something I haven't said yet, I hurt my back putting up our new massive tent. Not sure I am going to be able to even move it to where we are camping, which I really want to do.

Ouch. That is no fun at all. Keep praying for them. My dad was the same way at first. He would fight so hard about things like eating clean and keeping the sabbath. It was nothing that I said that convinced him. It was only through YHWH opening his eyes. I will be praying for your parents. Have a great Sukkot

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