Lumbricus Rubellus worm cultivation

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Hi all friends And back again the same my mysql. Unlike usually I post pictures, this time I want to tell you about the ease of worm cultivation.

Yesterday I visited my uncle's house to see how the cultivators worm type lumbricus rubellus which according to my uncle very much benefit from the cultivation of this worm, especially for improving the economy keluarga.mengapa choose the type of worm lumbricus rubellus ..? karna pharmacy potential in this worm content, in addition to this type of worm is also very good as a mixture of livestock food and fish to reduce the cost of purchasing the higher feed.

In addition, this type of lumbricus rubellus worm can also be made into processed cosmetic products and can also be used as a drug therapy such as thypus diseases, fever, cholesterol, stroke, diabetes, ulcers, migraine, headache etc.

Let us review how the cultivation of worms lumbricus rubellus ini.we must first provide a medium or a hive for worm seedlings.Containers or media that already exist must be filled with fertile or barren land. What needs to be considered is the moisture of the soil, we must water it with water first so that the earth in the worm's nest is not dry, because worms are basically very fond of moist soil

After the media has been available, we can directly insert the worm seeds into the media,the worm seed is a worm parent, then hamparka the worm seeds evenly over the media, after which the tub cover is using banana leaves or newsprint which aims to reduce evaporation and sunlight.

Next we discuss the worm feed,Although the media or nest also functions as a food source will follow-up with the development of worms should also be given an additional feed and need to be considered by the worm is an animal that likes to eat on the surface of the nest. Earthworm excess food equal to its weight in 24 hours

The food portion given by the food pattern is the same as the worm's weight in 24 hours, if in one tub there is 0,50kg worms then the food should be given must be 0,50kg also within 24 hours,the most economical feeding is feeding in the form of organic waste or kitchen waste, or can also be given livestock manure such as (chicken, cow, buffalo, rabbit), impurities used for feed should be ripe, because fresh impurities are still experiencing the process decomposition so it is still hot.Perlu let stand a few days for the improper become mature.

It is recommended to give food gradually, because if too much can cause the temperature to rise and worms can die.

Feeding with cow dung is very effective for worm growth, because the mother worm will spawn fast in just 2 weeks

After the egg looks yellowish we pisahka parent worm with the parent, the parent we save to the new media and eggs remain imedia a long leave for 2 weeks then the egg will hatch.

The worm parent is moved to a new shelf that already contains the same soil as before.Within a month then or at least 6 weeks then the child of the worm has become mature and ready to lay eggs like the mother, while the mother who has been laying eggs after 2 weeks later he will spawn again, and so continuously. In 6 weeks we can already yielding more than 4 times the number of worms that were first cultivated.Then we can harvest the worm.

worms that have been harvested can be made into various kinds of preparations such as:

animal feed ingredients, medicinal raw materials and ingredients for the cure of disease, cosmetic raw materials.

Of soil worm studies have a fairly high protein content of about 72%, arginine content ranges 10.7%, trypothan 4.4%, tyrosin 2.25% of the content then the earthworm can be made into various preparations.

so many explanations from me, look forward to my next posting

thanks @mart


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Very good post @myart on worms which benefits our soil...thanks for sharing this