My Thoughts - The Second Amendment, NRA and Guns in Schools

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I'm just a voice with an opinion and we need to have a dialog about how to fix these occurrences. When it comes to freedom and liberty, I will not waiver on the Bill of Rights. But I believe there are other ways to fix these issues.

My video is not meant to start a fight but to start a conversation. I would never down vote you for disagreeing with me over anything as long as we can be civil. It's dialog that brings people together.


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Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. - George Santayana

Whoo Brother! You just stepped in there and kicked that hornet's nest didn't you! Good for you :) For the record, I own guns for hunting.

It's a tough problem and you're right - it boils down to the heart, not the object. What bothers me more than the issue itself is watching the radical polarization occurring across our country and people refusing to engage in intelligent meaningful conversation and compromise (and I do think the solution will take compromise on both sides of the fence). We can all agree there are problems, but its truly disturbing to see our society tear itself apart the way it is rather than coming together to solve the problem.

I agree with your comments on the origin of the 2nd Amendment and its purpose. However, I do think that even with ARs, AKs, etc, are not "equal" to the might of the U.S. military, and the American people would be hard-pressed to defend themselves against the U.S. Government if it truly wanted to suppress them with military power. Civilians have no capacity to deal with air strikes, drones, robotics (look at some of Boston Dynamic's work - they're not just doing that for fun), and other methods that I'm sure are not publicly known. The only hope that civilians would have would be if the military itself fragmented. Either way, the results of that outcome would be catastrophic and I pray we never live to see something like that.

So, that said we do have to offer solutions, and none of them will be perfect. All of them will cost money (other than improving society's morality, but that's been on a rapid decline for quite some time)

I think there could be more done to screen people, but I also think that will only slightly help the problem, not stop it. Actually, nothing will stop it - even banning will not stop it because those who want to will obtain illegally or hell, they'll just 3d print one and make it at home (it's easy enough). Or they'll just go look up how to build a bomb on the internet. Either way, banning is not the solution.

Ban 3d printer's, Ban the internet! - someone just yelled on the internet - haha..

So the armed security 'could' work, but the challenge there is the cost. It would be interesting to see the NRA use its own funding to offer that as a solution. But we all know that the school systems in the U.S. are underwater financially so some solution would be required to fund the added security.

I don't know what the real answer is. I'm glad you lead your post with educational content, and that you're not afraid to stand up against the tidal wave of hate that the interweb likes to propagate.


We really do not have a funding problem in this country, we have a spending problem.


You're 100% right but how do we create the change that is needed to alter that? I totally agree with you as I'm a big proponent of folks like Mr. Money Mustache and Dave Ramsey and lead a debt-free lifestyle myself, but getting others onboard is a tough nut to crack. Part of that answer is educating others, but they have to 'want' it. In my experience it's almost like trying to convince people to eat healthy :)


The 30 minute sitcom ruined America. Think about it, the show presents a problem and solution all in 30 minutes. We got accustomed to having all our problems wants and needs filled ASAP. So in response to getting people on board to a debt free lifestyle, it will forever be hard because we are now an instant gratification society. We want "it" now and I deserve "it" now.


Gun rights are to keep the govt honest.


Be as big as the Government - straw man. You have to understand you don't have to be as big as the Government, just kill enough soldiers that haven't defected to our side yet. Take their weapons and volare your as big as the Government and more powerful. Our gun rights aren't for hunting, their for self defense, hunting is a by product.


I agree that the rights are about defense and aren't about hunting - that wasn't what I was saying. I was just stating the hunting aspect b/c that's my use for them, and to indicate that I'm not someone who is afraid of guns because they are "evil weapons". I'm also not particularly "Left" on the issue either. I don't know if I'm misinterpreting your comment or not, but my point wasn't about being as big as the government. My point was that if the military turned against U.S. citizens for suppression, guns are the "small weapons". Civilians don't have the resources to combat the EM weapons, "intelligent weapons systems" and other tech that the military has. They don't have to make it a close quarters game, and civilians wouldn't be able to "get their hands on the government's weapons" because, by the time they're close enough to be in your hands, you're dead. The controls for those weapons systems usually aren't even close to the area of effect. I'm not saying you couldn't put up a fight, but there is a crap-ton of high-tech dedicated junk the military can use and never have to get near their adversary. I guess I'm what I'm saying is that when it was musket vs musket, there was some level of equality and reasonable chance to resist a government army. Now it's more like musket vs drone launching a missle at your butt from 10 miles above. Those odds are a lot less in the musket's favor. I could be wrong of course, and I truly hope we never have to find out. That said I still want to keep my musket :)


Man, this looks like a reasoned, thoughtful response that I may disagree with somewhat, but don't mind as much because it was done politely!

Another win for steemit.


Now if the same process could just happen on capital hill :) civil intelligent conversation FTW..

Great video! I joined the NRA last weekend. I had never joined before because I believe the NRA has too much of a tendency to compromise. I mostly joined as a way of thumbing my nose at the gungrabbers.


Maybe I'll become a life member this weekend.


I was going to do that, but didn't see the life membership option on their website, so I decided to just do one year. That will give me an opportunity to see what their interpretation of "shall not be infringed" is, and how many no-sense "common sense" gun laws they give their blessings to. For my part, I say no compromise. None. Zero. Not ever.


I became a life member 12 yrs ago.

OK Zac, I am having an issue with the discussion here... To discuss something there has to be something that we disagree with, I am not hearing or seeing anything I disagree with.....

"Go home. Read your Bible." Just sayin'

Agree completely! But I wouldn't send my kids to school if you paid me!

I agree a discussion needs to happen about how to protect our children in schools. But how can you have a discussion about that topic if no one really wants to talk about the issue at hand.. All you hear is Gun control Gun rights. Those things have nothing to do with keeping our kids safe.. It's just the thing that keeps being used as a fear fuel for Gun control propaganda.


Public (outcome based programming) Schools.

if you notice its the Youth that are becoming more and more vocal in favor of gun control.. They are conditioning them and dumbing down to be a ruled populus.


They are only showing the youth they want to show. There are plenty that are not on board with this. Homeschooling has skyrocketed in the last decade and many of these families are raising pro 2A children.


My kids are homeschooled, mainly because I don’t want my kids brainwashed and Spoon fed liberalism.

As a gun owner, I believe we need reasonable gun control laws. I don't believe we armed guards in schools. There was one in Florida and he was hiding outside. That didn't do any good. Limiting access to assault weapons makes more sense. After all, they aren't funding public education as it is. Where will the money come from to pay for weapons and guards in the schools?

I also don't believe we need any god involved in public education. Rather, we need to teach adults and children alike to have tolerance and acceptance of others. You don't have to agree with someone to accept them, to befriend them, to be there when they need help.

Not to mention, there are multiple religious beliefs. If you start allowing one god in school, you can't exclude any others. Whether you want to believe it or not, not everyone has the same religious beliefs and not everyone prays the same way. And not everyone that claims to follow a religion actually does it according to the scripture they wave about.

No, the guns aren't to blame. It's the ease of access by these shooters who are attacking schools and churches. With more restricted access to semi-automatic weapons it would be more difficult for them to do these things.

That's how I see it, anyhow.


You claim there is no way we can afford to arm a security force for our public schools but we had no problem finding the money to heavily arm the BLM, ATF, DEA, the IRS, etc.... I don't think this is a funding problem.


That's part of the problem. We can fund weaponry easily enough but we can't fund actual important things like education. I'm sure guns in schools will be funded, which means we'll end up with students essentially in prisons being indoctrinated without any actual education or learning going on. As it is now most children are simply learning to repeat what they're told without ever questioning the information. It's been like this for a couple of generations now, which is why we have so many adults that don't know how to use critical thinking.


I respect your opinion and thanks for posting it here. However, I believe that the reason homeschooling is growing exponentially is because of the very things you think we don't need in schools. Parents disagree and thankfully they have the freedom to pull their kids out. You have tens of thousands of teachers who are veterans and every service member is trained on personal weapons in at least basic training. Give veteran teachers the OPTION to arm themselves if they feel they want to do so.


I'm not opposed to a voluntary carry by teachers if they're qualified to do so. The catch is, they need to be qualified. I've dealt with too many teachers who weren't qualified to teach, who got flustered if a student didn't simply bow down and obey. My sons had teachers that I would have to grade their responses and send it back, because the school district couldn't afford qualified teachers. There's no way I would trust them with a live weapon around my children. Not unless they passed training and qualification, and even then I'd be skeptical based on their actions elsewhere. But, if a teacher volunteers to carry a weapon and is qualified they should have that option. My opposition is in funding the mandatory arming of all teachers regardless of what they want.

I'm also not opposed to home schooling, and the above is part of the reason I pulled my sons out of school to teach them at home. Unfortunately, I've also seen many home school families who focus on their version of religion and ignoring any real education. One family who lived close to me just let their son run loose all day because they didn't want to bother with the expense of education. Just like any other system, there are those who use it properly and those who don't.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have a real discussion about this. It's difficult to do so in most forums because so many tend to simply attack those who don't agree with them. It's refreshing to see civility isn't a lost art.

Very good vlog. We need to get God back in school, and morals back in school. Until that happens armed security will be necessary in schools.

This is about freedom... to be free comes with responsibility. The responsibility to protect your god given rights and the rights of others around you. As soon as people look towards, corporations masked as government for protection, in my opinion they don't want freedom. They are willing to give away their liberties for security. Benjamin Franklin said people who are willing to give up their liberties for security deserve neither.

So.... if parents are sending their kid to a public school, it is their job to keep their kids safe. Not the school or government.... Every school has a PTA, that sounds like a good security force to me, they should definitely have the motivation to save lives. Arm the PTA and take turns like fire watch in the military. Plus gun free zones are the most dangerous places to be in this country, since 98% of all mass shootings happen in these zones.

One other note, the smith mundt act was repealed in 2012 and mass shootings sky-rockeded after wards....Just saying... This act was know in 1948 as the anti-propaganda act. This makes it legal for them to use propaganda on main stream news. Why is that needed?

Thanks again @mericanhomestead


In my opinion....


I offered to patrol the hall at my local school, for free, they refused because the gun I carry is unsafe. You can't fix stupid....

When we removed prayer, and the Pledge of Allegiance from schools; we created a vacuum that has been filled with amoral concepts from the liberal play book, as a direct result. Now even if we reintroduce what we removed, it will require a generation or two to re-establish, as it took several, to destroy. This leaves us only one viable alternative; We MUST arm those willing at the schools, to protect the students from those who have learned the amoral message too well! This is a patch, NOT a fix. We need GOD and Country back in our schools; or we need to shut them down and start over!
I agree 100% on the second amendment, it is the foundation upon which all the other Amendments rest! A Conservative firearm is a defensive weapon, to be used to defend home and hearth. The liberal should think about this fact before they push so hard that that defense of home and hearth becomes necessary; they will not survive the hell, they seek to release!

Sharing to get the discussion going! You know my stand!


Things are getting ugly here in MN. The Big Man is starting to think moving is a good idea now lol


I can't get vimeo to work, I'll hear it later and go on what you wrote. I respect everyone here for expressing themselves on this topic. I really can't disagree with some of you more. The right "shall not be infringed", directs who to infringe the right? Like no where else in the Constitution it reserves that right for no one, thus annulling all gun laws as illegal.

As far as religions go anyone from any religion is welcome here except for those with a religion which must subordinate others, or must be established as a State religion in order for law to function or otherwise become a part of the Government. That allows all religions, even those worshiping the Devil, except one. People of that religion have beliefs incongruent with American society. They are currently erroneously allowed into our country at great peril to the rest of us.

Regarding public schools in America, I think their time has passed. Let students attend private schools or be home schooled. I say that for a number of reasons, two I will share here. Today people can not agree on whether George Washington was a founding Father and shinning light or black hearted slave owner, neither can they agree about schooling. I say let the parents decide what curriculum is correct and let them pay for it. Kids that have useful skills will find jobs and money as adults. Kids with a grievance based background, well what do you think? Second reason is schools are soft targets, so let's disperse the target. If kids are in a hardened private school or the average American home with an enfilade of weapons and ammunition reloaded at home, well either way they are safe.

You say you don't live in the average American home and you own no guns? My first question is always "Why are you disabled from owning a gun by a past conviction?" The truth is I really don't care what the reason is, really I don't, the problem isn't mine.

Great comments Zac. I agree and I am ready as a christian and a US Army Ranger. They try to take away the guns I will do them in with extreme prejudice.

Right on a good quote and video. keep on keep on. You got the gift of gab and we here in Central Oregon stand with you. following and upvote

where did you get that book from? I've checked a few sites online and couldn't find it.