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You only have to be doing this lifestyle for just a short while to know that there are a lot of people trying to homestead and return to a more simple lifestyle. In fact, there is an entire retail industry that is centered around the small farm or homestead and to sell you goods, products and services.

And because it's now January and the beginning of a new calendar year, the catalogs are showing up in our mailbox and I'm sure they are showing up in yours as well. Who doesn't like to look at a bunch of pretty pictures and information when it concerns your day to day living? It's kinda fun to check out the latest gadgets and gizmos that might make your homesteading life easier.


Ever since the early days of mail delivery by stagecoach or locomotive, homesteaders and farmers have looked forward to the arrival of the next years product catalogs.

In fact, for many in small towns, this was the only way they could shop because the big city stores were just too far out of reach. One of the first ever mail order catalogs was published by an English gardener to sell his seeds! Hello Baker Creek!

And then, we have Benjamin Franklin who is believed to be the first to publish a catalog in the British colonies in North America. But the first mail order catalog in the United States came out from Tiffanys, who today is known as a luxury jeweler. But the most famous American catalog that many are familiar with is the Sears Roebuck. In fact, the saw mill we have on the homestead was originally purchased through the Sears Roebuck catalog back in the 1940's.


Even with the information age today making it so easy to shop online, catalogs are still used to reach millions of customers. So what catalogs are we enjoying that arrive in the mail? Let's take a look.

One of the most popular homestead and small farm catalogs is the one published each year from Baker Creek called Rare Seeds.

This is a favored catalog among homesteaders who are very selective in the seeds and plants they grow. They only offer non-gmo products and are very much in the fight against Monsanto and other corporations what would try to control seed patents around the world.

We have a collection of their catalogs and each one full of great info and wonderful products. And the best part is that they will send you a catalog for free by simply filling out an online form. Or you can download a PDF copy too!

Premier 1 Supplies
As a homesteader who raises livestock, I was quick to discover Premier 1 Supplies catalogs.

They offer catalogs that specialize in fencing and other farm equipment that can be very beneficial for small farmers and livestock owners. And like most, they are free to order. They also offer a seed catalog and a catalog that specializes in chickens and poultry.

What I like best about Premier 1 Supplies is that not only is their catalog full of great photos and well known quality products, they also use their catalog to TEACH! Homestead and small farmer education is very popular as people are hungry for knowledge and Premier 1 uses that to their advantage when reaching customers. You will learn a lot just by reading their catalog.

Growers Supply
This is the top catalog for farmers and homesteaders looking to find and build for themselves a greenhouse.

This catalog is packed full of greenhouse and farm products that you will find no where else in one place. It's over 350 pages of different size greenhouses along with irrigation, pest control, out buildings, mesh and netting products, shade products, natural fertilizers, and even lighting options.

If you are looking at buying and building a greenhouse, chances are you will get your best deal here. You will simply be amazed at all the options you have. Our homestead has used this company before and they go out of their way to make sure you are happy with the order. You can order the catalog for free online.

Field and Forest Products
This is one of all time favorite catalogs. Mostly because you can learn an awful lot just by reading their catalog. It's full of useful information and not just products.

I love catalogs where it teaches me something and not just tries to sell me a product. For those of you who like mushrooms and who would like to expand your garden variety into fungus, this catalog is for you. From experts to beginners, you will find something that will interest you.

Choose from a wide variety of amazing mushroom growing kits and learn how to make your own mushroom starter year after year in your garden. Plus, by putting these different spawn in your garden, you're going to help your other plants grow by enhancing your soil. Check out their catalog by clicking here.

Some of our first catalog purchases came from Lehmans before we moved off grid.

They have a good number of quality products that homesteaders will find very beneficial in their day to day farm operations. The lanterns that you see in many of our photos and videos were purchased from Lehmans and they are still going strong. Many of the products in their catalog are handmade and specialize in things like fruit preservation, cheese making or even maple syrup production.

Overall it's a fun catalog and you will have a fun time reading through this and referencing back to it from time to time. Go here to get a copy delivered for free.

What catalogs do you wait by the mailbox for? Please leave a recommendation below and if you can, POST THE LINK to order the catalog as well. We will all benefit by sharing the information!

ALSO, we will be attending this years Baker Creek Spring Planting Festival so make plans to attend and visit the An American Homestead Booth!

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