Homestead Winter IN PHOTOS

Winter as harsh as it can be, brings it's own beauty. It's fun to be able to capture these moments on camera and show to others. The homestead can be full of adventure always but it's especially in winter when challenges present themselves.

Frozen pipes
Cold dangers to new born lambs
Impassable roads
Battery failures

So it's good to go out and capture the winter sights when they present themselves. I hope everyone else is enjoying your winter where ever you may be.

One of many trails we use on the homestead.

The homestead tractor

The laundry house

The milk cow

One of our sheep

Part of our frozen driveway

1500 gallon water tank

Cedar branch

What keeps our cabin warm

The brick oven

Brick oven ice

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Leave a comment!


It's really cold here in Illinois....getting ready for some single digit highs here in the next couple of days! December fooled us wait...winter just saved up from December and gave it all to us in January!

I don't have livestock to worry about during cold snaps, but I do have almost 2 miles of icy back road to traverse before I reach pavement, and I am glad studded snow tires aren't forbidden here. The temperatures have a nasty habit of dancing back and forth across freezing, which can result in a glaze of very smooth ice on the roads.

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