My first SWARM!

in homesteading •  6 months ago

If you manage your hives correctly they shouldent swarm. If your new to Beekeeping, be ready for a Swarm.

Swarms don't sting, or should I say the're usually not aggressive. Since they are not protecting a hive and the worker bees are full of honey for transport, the're not looking for a fight so are less likely to sting.

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Catching swarms is my favorite part of the beekeeping hobby. I have two swarms in my traps waiting for permanent homes.


Mine too.
My first year as a Beehaver, in 2013 I collected 9 Swarms! Now that I’m an official Beekeeper and have some extra equipment I get 1 maybe 2. I hope that's not indicative of the bee population decline.

Swarms are sooo impressive. I feel like a Super Hero or a Bomb Technician when I collect them because everyone is so shocked and amazed and if they are still standing around watching, it's usually with their mouth open. is only showing the first 6 seconds of the video. It uploaded successfully and even played once in its entirety (I think) but now only shows 6 seconds.

Anyone got any answers to the problem ?



Can you tell it's my first video on too. It plays just fine now. Just needed time.

The video plays now, woohoo. Thanks DTube your recent upgrade fixed it!