What's Your Favorite Part Of Homesteading?

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This is our entry into @knowledge-seeker’s Homestead Photography Contest. He puts on a great contest each week and it is always so fun to see everyone’s entries. This week’s theme is “What’s Your Favorite Part Of Homesteading?” Well, that’s a loaded question isn’t? I have so many favorite parts of Homesteading, it’s hard to narrow it down to anything specific. It is after all something that we have been working towards for years, a goal, a dream that we were able to accomplish by working hard and making sacrifices… and here we are, living that dream.

If I had to pick one area that is my absolute favorite, it would be food… but it’s more than just the food that we eat. It’s the freedom of not having to depend on someone else for what your family consumes, and all the amazing things that come along with that.

It's the ability to have a constant source of food right outside your door...


and having a personal connection to the animals that provide it...


After all, we aren't just stewards of the land, but also the animals who share it with us...


and if you take care of them, they will take care of you in return...


Food on the homestead also means foraging for the natural medicines that grow wild...


and seeing the hard work and time you invested into the future pay off...


and continue to, year after year...


with that food comes beauty... And the promise of tomorrow, of a future for yourself and your future generations. So, for me...that is My Favorite Part Of Homesteading...


Thank you for reading,

Happy Homesteading


All photos and content are our own. Please do not use any part of this post without our expressed permission. Thank you.

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Food is one of the big things that I really enjoy about homesteading as well. Raising animals, planting food, and getting to watch it grow and flourish is something that I have always enjoyed. I would not change this kind of lifestyle for anything. Great Job!

Also, I am glad you have been enjoying the contests! Thanks for making a submission!


Yes my thoughts exactly! Thank you so much! Also, thank you for putting on such a fun contest ❤️

Beautiful! Lovely photos and a clear message. You have such a knack for stating things in a clear and concise manner, yet it's still almost poetic.


Wow, thank you so so much!! That means so much to me ❤️❤️❤️. You’re kind words just made my day, thank you for that 🙏

Great post. There are so many benefits to homesteading. One for me is work ethic. I know of no better way to teach my kids the value of work. From raising livestock to gardening see how your work pays off. Homesteading is a great teacher


Thank you! I completely agree, I think it is a great lesson as well about working for yourself. How, while it requires more time and energy, the pay off is so much greater. To see what all goes into getting that tomato or steak and everything that comes along with. They learn you have to work for what you want... everyday is a lesson on the homestead 🙌🏼.

Waw ,, I also want to have a job like this, keep a chicken and produce a lot of eggs, hopefully win in this contest yea mom, success is always for you 😄


Thank you! Yes, get some chickens 🐥

My favorite part of homesteading is feeding my family healthy foods, not loaded with pesticides and hormones.


Yes! Love this... we are real food all the way ❤️

Wow, eyes popping out...curie, anyone?


You’re too funny, thank you 🙏

So true! How do you pick just one favourite part of homesteading? Great photo of your hen!


Thank you so much! Right? One thing... So hard!!

Beautiful! Lovely photos and a clear message. You have such a knack for stating things in a clear and concise manner, yet it's still almost poetic.

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aww such good looking hens...
and I have a craving for freshly harvested chamomile tea now! snif!
your posts are beautiful...