Discovering the Jabuticaba fruit | My experience making Jabuticaba jam

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Hi steemians !!

Do you know the Jabuticaba tree?


A beautiful specimen that gives a delicious tropical fruit!

This is a tree native to Brazil. It is also called Brazillian Grappetree.

As you can see on the picture, the fruits are a lot of small black balls wich grow on the trunk.


We are lucky enought to have one in our garden here in Brazil 🍀

This fruit has a thick, purple, astringent skin that encases a sweet, white or rosy pink gelatinous flesh.
Inside the flesh there are one to four large seeds.

Just this tree (wich is not so big) gives us around 10 kg of fruits!

The Jabuticaba's fruit must be consumed 3 to 4 days after harvest.
That why they are often used to make jams, tarts, strong wines, and liqueur.


It is a fruit with several potent antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer compounds.
Traditionally it has been used as an astringen for sun-dried skins.
It's used as a treatment for hemoptysis, asthma, diarrhea, and gargled for chronic inflammation of the tonsils.


Last year I had make some liqueur with the harvest.
It is necessary to shake bottles from time to time during the first 3 months to make evacuate the gas of fruit's fermentation.
This year I will travel so I won't be there to do it.

Thats why I decided to make some jam!

I asked to my neighbors how to make it and I also looked for a recipe on Google.

I thought it was easy to make Jabuticaba jam. But I was wrong! 😂

The reason it's a hard process it's that you have to keep only the flesh of the fruit to make the jam... Otherwise would be very acid!

But well, I did it!!

First steps

I washed it and put it into a big pan with a little bit of water.

Then I crushed fruits with my hands to separate the flesh and the skin.



After that

Put it on the fire during 30 minutes to finish the separation of fruit by cooking it.



Filter the mixture with a sieve to keep only the juice.


Last stage of the cooking

I have additioned 50 % of the juice's quantity in sugar. I also put one lemon's juice to help he jam to solidify.

After that, you just have to be patient enought to move the jam on a slow fire during 2 hours 😴😑

You know if it's ready when the liquid turn into a honey-like texture.

Very important!

You have sterilize the recipients by putting them on boiling water just before adding the jam into them.

Then I've let the jars upside down all night long...

And in the morning... tadaaaaaaaa!!!


I just had to make all the dishes! 😓😂

Now you can undersand why I'm so proud on the first picture 😊

So! What is the conclusion?

I thought that it had a good taste but very acid.

Definitely not a bad jam! But...

Beacuse of the time and effort I put in to it, and tasting the result, I think that this fruit is not so appropriated to make jam...

I prefered the liqueur!!

It was a good experience. But I don't know if I will make it again.


Thanks @rhavi for the pictures, help and so much love!

Thank you for your following and support!

With Love,



Never tasted the liqueur, but the best for me is to eat it directly from the tree. But I need to try the liqueur and this Jam. =)

Hahah! @loic.ronsse you are right! Fresh is so good! You will taste it soon ;)

Adoorei a ideia! Queridas Jaboticabas <3

Hey @mariklimkievicz voce aquiiiiii!! Que legal! Vou te seguir direito <3

What an odd looking tree. Jam looks lovely can you send some to the UK ;) Enjoy

I wish I could @vibeof100monkeys! But I can send you some seeds if you want :)

that would be nice would it grow in a cold wet climate though ?

I'm not sure but I don't think so... But you can try inside of your house :)

Great post! I wish I had a jabuticaba tree in my backyard here in Canada. This fruit is one of my favorites. :)

It would be great @morinip! I didn't knew that you could buy it in Canada :)

Nice where did found it?

Oh, I do. And I have the tree down here in FL, although in 24" pot I havent had it get big enough to fruit just yet.... ;)

Yum. Now I am hungry...I will go make some toast with fresh strawberry jam here in Canada

MMMMMM... With strawberry is my favourite!

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