Homesteading Challenges: Living with your animals-A rabbit and my garden

in homesteading •  4 months ago

Making a place for my rabbit to get some outdoor activity without eating my garden.

While I do not normally make pets out of my farm animals(actually I do it all the time). He was my little sick rabbit and I HAD to take him in.

Once you let an animal in your home you have to learn to live together. So this is our mini yard solution. He gets to run around and my garden gets to live! Nobody likes to hear mom cuss, scream, and cry when her gardens get decimated.


Pictures of him when he was little and needed me badly.



Now he is bigger and all healed up. While that eye still has a spot on it. He can see good and has no reoccurring problems.

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Ouch! That looks like it sure hurt. Glad that he has no reoccurring problems.


It hurt him bad. I didn't know at first if it was going to be something that bothered him his whole life. He is a happy rabbit now :)