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Some of the prettiest greeting cards are hand made. Making greeting cards is a lot easier than you might think. I found a very easy way to make professional quality greeting cards at a fraction of the cost.

Professional cards, purchased from the store run from three or four dollars up to fifteen or more. I make professional quality cards for about 30 cents each. Of course, I have most of the materials, but once you have purchased these, you will get dozens of cards without purchasing any more.

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Several discount stores sell most of what you would need to make cards. Stick glue, card stock or blank cards with envelopes, glitter glue and decorative paper napkins, are just some of the materials I buy routinely at discount stores.

Yes, paper napkins make some of the nicest greeting cards, but you must know how to use them. First, separate the layers of the napkins, usually there are at least 3 with the top most layer holding the printed image. Cut out some freezer paper. (the kind butchers use with wax on one side) and with a moderate iron, press the napkin image onto the waxed side of the paper, melting the wax and fusing the image to the paper. Cut around the image you want to use, and voila, you have a card top, or the parts to make one.

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Next, you will place the images on your card stock until you find a pleasing arrangement. Then coat the back of the fused images with glue from your glue stick, press into place and allow to dry. You can then use glitter glue to spruce up the card and seal the raw edges if you need to.


Put a sentiment inside, or on a contrasting piece of card stock and glue that to the front.

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Write your message, put the card in the envelope and you have created and sent a personal piece of art and the recipient will be thrilled to receive it.

The pictures I have included in this post are cards I made using this method.

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its so beautefull. ilike it

@abdarmia45, Thanks for your kind words. I really enjoy making greeting cards. I will be posting about some of the other cards I have made, how I did them, with pictures.l

These are so beautiful Kate!

@raincountry, thanks for your kind words.

So creative to use napkins, Kate! You do beautiful work!

@hutch-happenings, thanks, I love using napkins, the art is already done for me.