Goldfish is a freshwater fish

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Goldfish is a freshwater fish that has significant economic value and is widespread in Indonesia. imageGoldfish love the place to live in fresh water that is not too deep water and the flow is not too heavy, like on the banks of rivers or lakes. Goldfish can live well in areas with an altitude of 150-600 meters above sea level (asl) and at a temperature of 25-30 ° C. Although classified as freshwater fish, goldfish are occasionally found in brackish waters or a salinity river (salinity content) of 25-30%.
Goldfish classified as omnivorous species, ie fish that can prey on various types of foods, both derived from plants and animals. However, the main food is plants and animals found in the bottom and water's edge. imageNaturally, spawning occurs at midnight until the end of the dawn. Ahead of spawning, the goldfish breeders actively seek a lush place, such as aquatic plants or grass covering the water surface. This substrate will be used as a place to stick eggs while helping stimulation when spawning occurs. ![image]

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