VARI Modular System - Hilling Potatoes [Video]

in #homesteading3 years ago (edited)

Hilling Potatoes - When the potato vines grow to about 6-8 inches above the soil surface, more soil or organic material is hilled up around the young potato seedlings so that only the top leaves stick out of the ground. This forces new tubers and new potatoes to grow under the new mound of soil. When the potato vines again reach 6-8 inches above the soil surface, they are hilled up again.

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What a great way to hill them up, much better than doing it by hand 👍

what is the name of the song is you dont mind me asking?

Song is called: Yves LaRock - Rise Up

Brilliant thanks, I'll add it to my playlist! 👍

Wow great information, I like potatoes and upvotes gifted me by my friends/followers.

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