Homestead Photography Contest! A Giant Turkey and a German Shepard Puppy!

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Attention steemit! The is a brand new homesteading photo contest is brought to you by @knowledge-seeker. Complete rules are at:

Here are my entries for this weeks contest.

The first is a giant turkey, aka the general, with his chicken friends. He roams and is the alpha bird of the pen and has twenty chicken minions. He even will chase humans and dogs and make grunting noises if they approach himIMG_6126(1).JPG

My next homestead animal is a dog. I like German Shepherds because they are great at herding animals and can keep predators at bay. Here is a little one that is excited to get into his role as a homestead dog:


I hope you all enjoy my photos. Homesteading is an awesome way to live off the land in harmony with animals you raise and care for.


Great photos! We used to raise the Burbon Red and Blue Slate turkeys. They were fun to watch and ours would follow us around everywhere. We have been out of them for a few years, but I have been thinking about raising them again.

Awesome photo's. Love the German Shepherd photo :)

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 0.98% vote... I was summoned by @jrandolph! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

Just a quick note to say this post has been included in the latest issue of 'Notes'. Do stop in and see what the family is up to :)

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