Australian Propoganda Lies - Kangaroos are NOT Cuddly

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The little bugger didn't even leave his insurance details!

Tonight's drive home from town was far more than I bargained for when a mid-sized Kangaroo jumped out from behind a fallen tree from last week’s storm. We were only going 80kmph but we were in our Crew Cab Holden Rodeo, aka Willie, and she was completely empty! I am so impressed that she didn't flip! We skidded a bit before she did a 180 and narrowly avoid the drainage ditch on the opposite side.

Poor Willie

The Roo went flying, we thought dog’s dinner for sure, then IT STOOD UP AND HOPPED AWAY!!!!

The gull of the Roo to not even die to reimburse us the insurance excess by the cost of their meat! In all seriousness we did spend 10 minutes with our torches to try and find it, as it couldn't have gotten far and this time of year they often have Joey's in their pouches who will freeze/starve and die. Nobody, not even Roos deserve that!

Morning View

We were only in front of our neighbour’s paddock so under 1km from home so we jumped back in and drove home before inspecting the car. Seems like Willie need a new light and grill but fingers crossed it didn't seem to have pushed through the radiator or done any real panel damage this time!

At Home

Hey Ma, the car smells delicious tonight! ~ Hades

Not like 3 years and 3 days ago when we got to say good to Billie, our trusty girl who hit a roo at 100km and was a economical write off by the insurance company for multiple panels, wheel well crush, light unit and radiator damage. This photo was in the parking garage at my then job as I drove the 250km round trip to work in the city and back that day!


This time of year is terrible around here and the change in daylight hours puts us travelling at dawn and dusk most days. We have three mobs that use our property and normally have around 50-100 kangaroo on our property every morning when we let the dogs out. We're not allowed to hunt or harm any native animals in Australia and are technically required call the ranger if you find a injured one rather than putting it out of its pain.

Moral of the Story

If you're in Oz watch out they are everywhere and Mid-April to Mid-June is the time of year you are most likely to hit them in Victoria.

If you're from anywhere else, The Media Lies! Kangaroos, Koalas, Echidnas, ANY AUSTRALIAN ANIMAL IN FACT not furry, cute, friendly, adorable, and Kangaroos are not smart like Skippy! They are just pests!

Till Next Time

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Those roos can do a lot of damage:(