Jacob Goes Off Grid Day 119 Part 1

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This is a video from Day 119 of going off-grid. I went 'off grid' six hundred and thirty-eight days ago and it has been quite the journey since I got dropped off at this old fallow farm and built (continue to build) all my own infrastructure. I have been video documenting the entire process and have just recently begun publicly sharing some of the videos. I have been sharing the videos privately since I started the entire process which I call Jacob Goes Off Grid In The Woods. 'Day 1' is the morning after I arrived at this little place in the mountains in the 'dead of winter' on January thirteenth of two thousand and seventeen with my dogs, my wits, minimal gear and very little hard currency to work with. Slowly I have done my best to breathe life into a very old farm and give it all my best, 'learning as I go', and documenting the process as best I can. It has been quite the journey so far. @jacobpeacock

In this video I talk about clearing out the underbrush from one of the locust groves near the entrance to the property and show the big pile of brush that I added to the fire area to be burned.

I talk about the poison ivy that I had previously cut down along the road and how I had left it laying where it was so that it would die before I transported it to somewhere else for disposal. The reason that I want it to die before moving it is so that I do not accidentally transplant it to another area.

I show a small pile of dead black locust branches that I found and piled up to use as kindling.

I show the black locust grove that I cleared the vegetation out from underneath and pulled the vines off of the trees.

I show a bunch of logs that I found beneath all the vegetation where I had been clearing.

I show some junk that I found under the vegetation and two old fuel cans that still had fuel in them. I talk about the fuel cans being a fire hazard and how they were under a bunch of dry plant material.

I show the larger black locust grove near the one I already cleared the vegetation out of and talk about how it is going to be a much more involving project because there is a lot of multi-flora in it.

As always this is just a summary of the video's content and not meant to explain everything that I cover in the video.

My D.Tube Channel: https://d.tube/#!/c/jacobpeacock

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