Day 785 (Daily Post)

in homesteading •  17 days ago

Day 785. It seems like I did not shake off that illness as much as I originally thought that I had once the fever had gone away. I have had a major case of the 'sniffles' for the last three days and cannot seem to go more than ten minutes without needing to blow my nose. Going from the warmth of my little room to the damp cold outside of it repeatedly throughout the day is probably not helping very much. I am going to give it a few more days to clear up and then I am going to start myself on a round of those fish amoxicillin and deal with it that way because at this point I am concerned about bronchitis and pneumonia and it is probably best to thwart it before it gets out of hand. I am all for letting the body deal with stuff on it's own but damn sometimes the intervention of modern medicine can be quite effective.

I also have stuff to do and although it has been chilly all week it has been sunny also and instead of doing some work on that brush clearing job for a neighbor I have been having a pissing contest with this cold/flu/illness (or whatever the hell it is) all week and trying to be productive in some way. Mostly that productivity has amounted to getting my Patreon page setup, writing articles, editing articles, trying to migrate some of my videos from Google Drive to a private YouTube channel (which has resulted in failure so far), doing lots of brainstorming about what all I can exclusively share on Patreon, doing some research on how others do their Patreon pages and what they offer their Patrons on there. I have also spent a good deal of time just figuring out how the Patreon platform works in general. So I have basically spent most of the week reading, typing, clicking and generally making the most of having great sunlight for my solar rig and consistent cellular service. The weather folks were pretty off the other week when I looked at the extended weather forecast and saw that there would not be any decent sunshine until the twenty-first of the month but it does look like that after today I won't be getting much sun for the next five days so it is awesome that for the last few days I have had the stellar combination of cold temperatures and bright sunlight to really give my batteries a good charge.

Yesterday I re-watched a few of my early videos where I was using that Baygen Freeplay radio to charge my phone and also the video where I setup my first solar panel and deep cycle battery and whoa watching those videos was one hell of a way to put things into perspective of just how far I have come since the beginning of things. It has been one hell of a learning curve (or learning-swerve as I affectionately call it) but overall it is not all that difficult for anyone to figure out given some time, patience and effort. Of course larger more complex systems (that are not simple DC twelve volt systems) are more challenging but as far as DC electricity generation goes the principles don't change much no matter what the voltage is. I really think that starting small with a twelve volt system is the best approach for folks wanting to learn and who do not mind the limitations of such systems. Obviously learning from a larger more complex system that someone else installs is going to be much more difficult for most folks but most folks that go that route also tend to just want the 'results' (electricity) of such a system and the 'nuts and bolts' of how it all works are going to be trivial or novel to them. Let's face it though the world is vastly more full of folks that are willing to 'throw money at a problem' instead of trying to solve the problem themselves. No judgment there on my part but I have a hell of a lot more respect for those willing to buckle down and figure stuff out rather than paying someone else to figure it out for them. This is probably more a bias due to my own character than anything else but I would like to see willful education flourish over willful ignorance any day of the week.

Anyway I have rambled on here a good bit and am kind of just muddling around through a haze of thoughts rumbling ponderously through my stuffy head and hoping that something meaningful emerges. Now I need to take all this text and get it posted to all the places it needs to get posted to. I hope that everyone is doing well and has a nice day/night/moment and once again please consider becoming a Patron on my Patreon page and help me to at least reach my initial goal on there which would go a long way towards improving my quality of life. I will put the link below. Ta ta for now. Yal be well and thanks for reading.

Please, Please, Please consider becoming a patron on my Paetron page!!! I have one so far which really warms my cookies!


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I'm sorry to hear this. I hope your feeling better today...!!!


Thanks @annephilbrick! I am slowly getting there. :)

@jacobpeacock I hope you kick this bug out of your body, tell it to be on it's way. Take care.


Thanks @myjob. I think I am slowly getting there. :)