At my off grid crypto accepting rv park in Taos,NM I want to have a system that will turn trash into fuel!

in homesteading •  6 months ago

Check out this article talking about 5 companies converting trash and organic waste into fuel and clean energy!
If I can have system like one of these at
It can become a travel destination and a next level fuel stop!

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Self-sufficiency to the core. Interesting read!

Ofcourse, you can get the system...just work on getting it and you will have it.
They are awesome.

This is a great example of how we can use technology to make our world a better place by reducing our pollution without decreasing how our productivity as a society.

Thanks for sharing this mate.


Man that is cool! If you were interested... there is all the spent grains from the breweries in town... you could build an oasis in the desert out there.... Most breweries throw out a few truckloads a day. No one bothers with them because it's a lot of work to haul them away, but if you were already doing other similar stuff it would be feasible. They compost down, and then besides remediating your land, you can sell or distribute the compost. If you put them back in that low area, I think they would just collect moisture and make amazing soil. I would be down to help with something like that if needed.


Let’s do it!!


Wow bro, that's a great idea. @inspirewithwords has got to hook up with you on that.


Thanks ... It's not my idea... they did it at Growing Power in Chicago and also Closer to Earth in OKC, both are organizations that grow community gardens with at risk youth and raise worms and compost. There is so much brewery waste... we could theoretically have a nice amount of high quality compost for Taos, which has a real need for a good local compost source.

In my humbled opinion the plastic to oil concept has the most bang for the buck so to speak. If you can efficiently turn plastic into energy, eventually we could get rid of all qualifying plastic waste. For your project however there may be other factors to consider.


Haven said that, I would also say that any "bio fuel" should be used in a natural way first, like composting thru a garden for example, for more food. And then perhaps only excesses can be used to be converted to other fuels. I would think it would be earth-friendliest way. Again just an opinion.