Introducing @Wildhomesteading – Monthly Wild Homesteading and Business Advice Newsletter


Hello! @wildhomesteading here and this is my introduction post as a new contributor to @homesteaderscoop.

My name is Daron and along with my wife I run the website Wild Homesteading and I post here on the steem blockchain Monday through Friday. Generally, my posts focus on what I call wild homesteading which is homesteading that is focused on working with nature.

My family and I live on a small homestead on just under 3 acres of land outside of Olympia Washington at the south end of the Puget Sound about a 2 hour drive south of Seattle. Our homestead is called the Wild Ride Homestead and we came up with that name because at times our life has seemed like a wild ride.

From living in England for a year, living on opposite sides of the state from each other in order for one of us to keep a good job while the other went to school, studying sustainability in Fiji, and raising a family… it sure has been a wild ride.

But now we are settled on our Wild Ride Homestead. Which does not mean the ride is over. There are always new projects and challenges to overcome as a homesteader!

Homesteading has been a dream for us since before we were married almost 10 years ago. But we are also very focused on supporting our local environment and creating a space for wildlife. Wild homesteading is our attempt to create a life that supports both our homesteading and environmental goals and values.

I truly believe that by fully integrating the natural world with homesteading you can achieve a more resilient life that is truly free from reliance on unsustainable inputs. Nature can be your best homesteading partner if you let it.

Monthly Homesteading and Business Advice Newsletter


So, what will I be writing about in my monthly Wild Homesteading and Business Advice Newsletter? Well the name kinda speaks for itself but here are some details.

The wild homesteading posts will be similar to what I’m writing on my own blog but with more focus on how working with nature can result in more freedom (time, food, financial, etc.) for you and your family.

Once in a while I will write business advice posts that will hopefully help you run a successful online business. Much of this advice will focus around what is working (and not working) in my own online business. These posts will also be tailored to the awesome @homesteaderscoop vendors but anyone with an online business or wanting to start one should get value from these posts.

My own business is only in its 5th month but during that time I have built an email list of just over 360 people and so far this month I have had almost 200 people visiting my site from search traffic (google, bing, etc.) alone. Last month in total I had over 1,700 unique people visit my site. In terms of getting traffic and building an email list I think things are going good for just being 5 months in!

I have been studying content marketing for a couple years now on a weekly basis and I’m happy to share what I have learned.

Thank You All!

So, I think that covers everything—I’m looking forward to contributing on a regular basis to @homesteaderscoop. The community here on the steem blockchain is really awesome and has really helped me get started. I’m hoping that by writing this monthly newsletter that I can start giving back to you all.

Also, each one of my posts on @homesteaderscoop will end with a call for topic ideas that fit within either wild homesteading or business advice.

So… what would you like to see me write about in my first full post? Please leave a comment with your idea.

Thank you all!


Follow me for more posts all about homesteading, working with nature, and growing your own food: @wildhomesteading

And check out my blog - for weekly in-depth posts on working with nature to grow your own food and start/build your homestead.

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Love what you are doing and would love to see more posts of enhancing nature on the homestead plus once I get my Homesteaders Coop store up and running (hopefully in a couple of weeks when I have a holiday and can focus on setting it up) I would love to hear more of your content marketing ideas for promoting our HSCO stores
So happy to have you as a contributor for Homesteaders Coop - Thanks for your contributions!


Thank you! I'm happy to be a contributor :) Thanks for the feedback! I will have to think of some ideas for the first full post :)

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Great intro Daron! I really love the energy that you bring to steem and Homesteaders Co-op :) You are such a positive influence.

I love the idea of the monthly wild homesteading and business advice newsletter - as well as your intention to share your knowledge to help your fellow homesteaders and community members!! This is very cool. I know I am going to be learning a lot from you :)

You've touched on something that I am passionate about. My dream is that Homesteaders Co-op can be a platform for building or supporting entrepreneurs. I don't only mean vendors selling products - but that's a big part of it. I'd love to see other businesses being either born or supported if they fall in line with our community ethics and mission. We don't have enough income to pay wages (maybe one day) but we have a growing platform that individual entrepreneurs can tap into. I'd love to hear your thoughts on that!


Thank you so much! I really appreciate all that you are doing to support homesteaders and ethical entrepreneurs on steem!

I hope the newsletter goes well. I'm still debating with myself how to write it. I'm thinking about splitting it and having a wild homesteading tip and a business trip each month. What do you (and anyone else!) think?

I think having the co-op available to ethical entrepreneurs is a fantastic addition to this community. As the steem community grows and evolves having tools/features for businesses will help a lot.

Of course I support the initiatives to grow minnows but we also need initiatives like the co-op that can help support businesses on this platform. I think supporting ethical businesses on steem will help grow the middle class on here.

I think it is great what you are doing and it seems to be making a real difference for our community.

Thank you for this opportunity!

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RE Splitting the two topics or not.. I think either option could work well.. go with what works best for you and how you are inspired! I am looking forward to the first edition :)

I think having the co-op available to ethical entrepreneurs is a fantastic addition to this community.

Yeah! It will be interesting to see what opportunities arise and how HSCO can help entrepreneurs have more edge.. as HSCO grows and evolves I am sure more opportunities arise.. but it is also up to individuals to proactively identify them as well. I think your newsletter has the opportunity to help a lot of people. I am excited to see how it unfolds :) Thank you so much for making this effort!

I can hardly wait! Really looking forward to your newsletters. It sounds like you're still on a wild ride, running a homestead as well as all your online work.

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Thank you! Lol, yeah the ride never seems to end but it is a good life.

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Wow, this is welcomed initiative! I’m opting in.

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Awesome! :)

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You're very lucky to have a bit of land, I'd dearly love to have some...


Yeah, I do agree with that. It is not easy these days to find land and I wish you luck in finding some yourself. But there is a lot you can do even in an urban lot--that was what I started with and what I had growing up and it was still a great place to garden and create space for wildlife.