Where Have The Ladybugs Gone?

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My wife and I were sitting on our porch enjoying a quiet evening. At one point she asked me, “Where have the Ladybugs gone?” As I thought about it, I realized she was right! I hadn't seen one since growing up in the 1980’s. Over the past several years, all I have seen are those nasty looking Asian beetles. These aggressive pests are constantly trying to get inside the warm house. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that they swarm by the thousands a couple times of year.


So where are the ladybugs? I decided to answer this question as I felt concern for the plight of this celebrated bug. I did a search on the Internet and discovered some interesting facts. There are over 4,500 ladybug species spread over the world. They kill several different kinds of bugs that eat our food crops. In a ladybugs life time, it is possible that they eat over 5,000 plant eating bugs.


I then discovered that the ladybug is endangered and very few are still alive. Scientists do not know why this is happening. It is worth noting that the Asian beetle has been imported then released into North America several times since 1916. This was done to help naturally control pest populations that were damaging food crops. Now they are out of control. Is it just a coincidence that as their population has grown, the native ladybug started to die off? Here is what wikipedia showed as an image for the Asian Beetle.


There are organizations that are trying to save the bug such as the “Lost Ladybug Project”. They need donations! I haven't made up my mind yet to send a cash donation. So for now, until the ladybug is rescued, I will keep her in my prayers. – Modern Homesteading

Sources: http://www.mnn.com/your-home/organic-farming-gardening/stories/you-can-help-save-ladybugs
Original post by same author: https://steemit.com/ladybug/@thedeplorable1/where-have-the-ladybugs-gone
Images: Wikipedia common, Christian Musat/Shutterstock and my own photos.

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Thank you kindly! I gave you a "follow"!

Same here. Working on homesteading myself!

I didn't realize there were that many of us out there until I discovered Steemit! You definitely earned your reputation. You produce quality work! Great Job!


Lol, it's a good idea!

I'm still seeing what I believe to be the real McCoy here in Texas, but there's no doubt that numbers seem to be dwindling here. Some actually purchase them for release into their gardens, though I'm told to watch that you don't accidentally buy the Chinese version. Nice to meet a fellow homesteader btw!

That is great info! Maybe that is a good business idea to sell them for gardens. lol Anyway, thanks for your comments and I look forward to reading your postings.

Same here!

Hmm... I still see them quite often in Oregon. Hope that continues!

Thats wonderful! They are so great for protecting food (gardens). Thanks for reading!

They're in Wichita, KS! All over.

Wow.. are you sure they are lady bugs? The Asian beetle looks so similar!

Well, I'm pretty sure. I can't say I'm a biologist or anything, but we always called them lady bugs. To me, the look just like your pics. I'll try to get a pic of one tomorrow for you.

That would be great! I hope you are right! That would be amazing. I gave you a follow.. Thanks!

Sorry for the late reply, but here's a pic of what I was talking about. I couldn't get the little guy to stand still for a better pic.


I am glad that you remembered! Thanks..I would guess..Yes! The head seems shaped the correct way. But,I am not 100 percent sure ..What does everyone else think?

Maybe they all moved to Canada? 😃 Seriously though, I didn't realize that there were other bugs that looked so similar. I'll have to check the next lady bug I see a little closer to make sure it's legit. Thanks for sharing your research into this.

Maybe! lol I think you will find that they aren't true ladybugs..unless you are really lucky! :-)

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followed and voted.

Thank you! I look forward to reading your post. I returned the favor!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

That's a shame I love our little red ladybugs. Upvoted and followed :)

I am thinking about selling them to farmers in my area! I pray they can make a come back. Thanks for the comments!

I wonder if you can breed them? your welcome :)

I am not sure. I got the idea from a comment on my story. They do wonders for a garden! I am going to research and find out. I will let you know what I come up with. :-)

Great. Fingers crossed, thank you :)

I love that you cared enough to do the research and enlighten the rest of us! I live in Texas and I have also noticed I can't remember the last time I saw a ladybug. I see plenty of those Asian beetles and have been stung by them countless times! They're very frustrating. I try to tell my grandmother all the time that they're Asian beetles and they bite and she thinks I'm stupid. 😂

You definately aren't stupid, our native (TX and WV) ladybug species are endangered. I am glad that you enjoyed my article!