"The Homesteader's Moon"

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*Images taken with Nikon P100

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Really cool. Unleash the wolves

lol. Glad you liked it! Thanks

Hauntingly beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

My pleasure and thanks for taking the time to comment!

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Thanks a bunch. I will do that :-)

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Followed. Great pics.

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Nice, especially the first one I like.

Thank you for checking them out!

Nice moon shots and I followed ya :)

Thank you and I returned the favor! I look for to seeing your stories. Best Wishes

I actually have not figured all of that out. I have been living partially off the land for years. Sized down the garden and just now, after a few years of no chickens due to a dog raid, got some chicks to start up again.
Love those fresh free range eggs! I do some photography of sorts. Love sunsets. Have not captured such great moon shots though. Getting some great asparagus and snap peas out of the garden now along with nice mixed lettuces. LOL

Sounds like you have been busy! I am getting chickens in 2 weeks. I can't decide if I need 2 or 3 of them. lol Thaks for sharing my friend!

I would get three. I will be looking for a rooster after these pullets get a bit bigger. A rooster adds a bit oof safety for the hens. I like to free range mine. Makes for amazingly tasty eggs. Besides they can be entertaining as well. Look forward to hearing what type and your experience with them.

I have mine in a chicken tractor so I move them every couple of days onto fresh grass

I got 6 chicken in2013 and now I'm down to just 2. They are red sex links, and lay some of the biggest eggs I've ever seen. Bigly ones.

Thats good! If you had it to start again, would you try another type of chicken or stick with what you have?

I would like to try some different breeds just because some are so pretty. I'll have to give to the red sex link though they are some good layers. Large brown and big eggs. When I put the eggs in a large egg container the lid will hardly close.

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I'm looking at these and thinking "Aooooooooooooh..." XD

Just beautiful