New "Matchpool" for Homesteaders

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Hello friends,
I have decided to expand the Homesteaders site on Steemit and have created a pool for us on Matchpool. For those of you not familiar with Matchpool (GUP), it is described as enabling “ a fun way for people with specific interests to meet other like-minded people. Community owners can invite their community, select a business model and monetise their community. Matchpool brings together people with mutual interests and rewards community owners for providing a space for members in the community to subscribe and privately chat with each other. We call communities of people with specific interests, Pools.”

The web site is still in the testing phase and needs some adjustments/tweaks prior to release of the final project. Overall, I think that the project will be a success and want to be an early adopter like I was with Steem. The homesteaders pool is

As of the time of this writing, Matchpools currency "Guppy" (GUP) market cap is as follows:
matchpool cap.JPG

Feel free to join us and share your thoughts. Best wishes, -The Homesteader


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