"A Homesteader Sunset"

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Hello again from my homestead. I took these images on 29 May, 2017 @ 2025 hours EST. I used a Nikon P100. Please take a moment to enjoy a relaxing view with me.
I live in the Appalachian Mountains. I found a good description on Wikipedia: " The range is mostly in the United States but extends into southeastern Canada, forming a zone from 100 to 300 mi (160 to 480 km) wide, running from the island of Newfoundland 1,500 mi (2,400 km) southwestward to Central Alabama in the United States.[discuss] The range covers parts of the islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, which comprise an overseas territory of France. The system is divided into a series of ranges, with the individual mountains averaging around 3,000 ft (910 m). The highest of the group is Mount Mitchell in North Carolina at 6,684 feet (2,037 m), which is the highest point in the United States east of the Mississippi River.
The term Appalachian refers to several different regions associated with the mountain range. Most broadly, it refers to the entire mountain range with its surrounding hills and the dissected plateau region. The term is often used more restrictively to refer to regions in the central and southern Appalachian Mountains, usually including areas in the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and North Carolina, as well as sometimes extending as far south as northern Alabama, Georgia and western South Carolina, and as far north as Pennsylvania, southern Ohio and parts of southern upstate New York. The Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas and Oklahoma were originally part of the Appalachians as well, but became disconnected through geologic history."
Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appalachian_Mountains
Images are my own

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Great photography @homesteader greetings from Cologne Germany 😎👍 my name is Lars @laloelectrix

Hello my friend. Thanks for the comment. I gave you a "follow"!

The incoming Nemesis Solar System ;)

The red sky phenomena which is seen now daily at sunrise and sunset... you´ve seen it in "V: the Visitors".

lol.. Thanks for sharing!!

I thank you SIR for posting it :)

love GOD, love EACH OTHER <3

Thanks. We will learn a lot from you. Lots of people need to know about all the things you know as a homesteader. Have you heard of Deep South Homestead? Thanks again.

Hey.. No I haven't heard. Is there a link? Thank you as well.

You can find "Deep South Homestead" on the regular internet. They are not on Steemit. Danny and Wanda are the best. I got this for you:
Deep South Homestead - YouTube
Bringing you southern homestead videos about farm life: raising vegetables and animals ,debt free living, our past times we enjoy and maybe getting a laugh a...

Very cool photography :)

Thank you much!

you are welcome :)

It is beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for taking the time to view and comment. Take care!

Cool, just found your blog. Combining two of my favorite things: homesteading and crypto!

Great! Best of both worlds. I have read your post and have upvoted you. We have a fast growing community and am glad steemit gave us a vehicle to bring us all together.

Absolutely! It's exciting to find such a large group of like-minded people. I look forward to seeing the happenings on your homestead. It looks beautiful!

Nice photos

Thank you

Beautiful views....amazing! 😊

Thank you very much. I waited a long time for the shot! Take Care!

You're very welcome! You take care too 😊

Hello from a Southern Arkansas Homesteader. Thanks for sharing your beautiful images. Sunset is my favorite time of day. I'm following and looking forward to hearing more about you. I'm Nina Stephens @sarkhomestead

I have found two other steemit preppers bfhomestead and sarkhomestead.
They have both come over from regular internet.
Hope you are doing well.