Catherine Tastes Plums in Italian Fruit Orchard

in homesteading •  2 months ago

Catherine Tastes fresh plums at a Northern Italy Agriculture school for children in middle and high school.

Students learn to grow and care for fruits here on the or land, and they eat from the trees growing on site. They are also taught how to care for chickens, cattle, compost, and more.

In depth interviews in Italian will be posted in the future!

The school is called
Scuole Salesiane Lombriascoand they can be found online here:

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Hi Catherine, in my country there are no agricultural schools for young people, it would be a good project in our community. They look well taken care of and delicious.

hold one in the palm of your hand. It should feel substantial. There ought to be some give, especially at the bloom end

I really enjoyed this short video, and it reminded me of my childhood when I went to stay at my grandmas and got to enjoy all the cherries, apples, pears, prune plums, which are btw my favorite, all from the trees and I loved it, so thanks for bringing back the memories.

great & impressive

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My TaG 2.jpg

Cute, reminds me of my happy childhood

plums are tasty & healthy fruit for stomach !!!