What Could It Cost to Live Tiny?

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The average price of a house in the United States is $200,000. That alone is a very good reason why many people are looking to downsize. But what does it really cost to join thetiny house movement? Let’s take a look at some of the costs of living tiny.

How much does a tiny house actually cost?

On average, a tiny house can cost somewhere in the range of $30,000 to $40,000.Can it be done cheaper? Certainly, but you’re looking at quite a bit of work not only sourcing materials, but also finding used appliances that will work with your space and budget. Not to mention that you need to be quite skilled when it comes to the actual build.Think architectural work, electricity, and plumbing!

I have my tiny house, now what else do I have to pay for?


Aside from the cost of buying land or living for free in your best friend’s backyard, you need to consider the price of rent in a desirable area. Take Mt. Hood Tiny House Village for example; the cost to park your personal tiny house on wheels is going to cost about $450 per month, exclusive of utilities. Not too shabby if you consider the cost of renting an apartment that you don’t even own!


A major perk of having a tiny house on wheels is that you can hit the road whenever you fancy a change in scenery. First off, you need to own a vehicle big enough to safely tow your tiny house. Another thing to consider is how much you spend on gas to haul your tiny home from one place to another.
Pro Tip: Don’t forget to check your local regulations to find out the rules when it comes to living in your tiny house on wheels full time.


Whether you live in a McMansion or a tiny house, utilities such as water and electricity can add up your monthly living expenses. The costs can vary greatly depending on how muchalternative energyyou use and if you spend most of the day at home. Still, less space means less consumption. Your bills will be considerably less than in a standard house!

The Takeaway

At a $30,000 to $40,000 base price tag with costs to consider such as land, mobility, and utilities; tiny house costs are not insignificant. However, despite the extra research and work involved, downsizing can be highly cost-effective if done right. Living tiny can open you up to a whole world of big possibilities!

What does it cost you to live tiny? Let us know in the comments below!

This article is a guest post by David Morneau of TinySociety.co

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But it looks cozy, to be honest!

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I like small house living , as long as you are surrounded by the right company it can be far mote cosier :]

Concept is amazing but as someone who loves privacy I need a good amount of apace just to myself.

Well I would considerer it but for temporary-living, because if family grows bigger I don't think it would be pretty comfortable.

also, tiny houses are easy to expand on.

Wow - the average price of a house in the US is only $200,000? That's a bargain! You wouldn't get much for under 1 million here in Melbourne, Australia. I do love the idea of tiny homes but think it would be tough full time for a family to live in - maybe for a short term holiday.