Tiny House Village - Tiny House Tour - The Butterfly

in homesteading •  5 months ago

Tell them The Homestead Guru sent you for $500 off!

For more information contact Dustin Brennan:

They ship the larger models (399 square feet) nation wide (USA) and the trailer-pull/smaller tiny homes in Texas only.

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I live in Canada where the Gov. holds 90% of the land mass as crown land ... 9 million sq km of land of the 10% left about 90% of that is agricultural industrial and corporate owned ... leaving about 1 0r 2% of the land mass of Canada for the population tho buy sell and live on ... bet few could afford to buy or rent land to put one on if they could get get zoning permission lol just no place for people to live around here lol As the housing shortage continues ... Strange world we live in ....

Oh, how I like watching the show. One day I wanna live in a tiny house. ☺

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The tiny house concept is awesome but I can't get used to the idea of not having plumbing the old traditional way.

Nice house

Entrepreneurs will change this world. Maximizing our homes! These tiny homes are nice!

great & impressive

Nice house! I subscribed

I like the idea of living off grid in ways like this. I believe that it could solve all sorts of problems if enough people did it.

looks really good! ;)