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Hello there, this is fascinating. I've done some work with plant healing, particularly from a Pagan/Wiccan perspective. I'd be very interested in purchasing this Turks Cap essence, particularly if it comes in a non-alcoholic carrier but Easy says you don't ship to the UK? I'm in London :( Bless you for your work; it is really important.


I just asked her!


She said yes to ship and yes to use ACV instead of alcohol. How can she get a hold of you?


Hi that's great news! My email is parsifalangel@ and can pay via PayPal x

The beauty and fragrance of a flower uplifts our senses externally, a flower essence acts internally to heal the mind and uplift the spirit.

I love flower essence! I was given some once that helped squash severe stomach discomfort after eating very hot foods!

This would be a great post in the tag #ghsc , it is a great community!

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nice of both but theur face look like a donald trump😗😍😎