I Could Make A Wood Joke Here, But I'll Resist

The Big Man and I are working to get our wood supply ready in time for winter. He splits while I stack. I had never stacked wood before. Can't be all that hard can it? I was told to make sure the pieces are fit tight together like a puzzle.

Well, I thought I was doing an alright job. I'll admit I was aiming more for speed than accuracy. By the time the stack reached eye-level, or maybe a little higher, the stack wasn't too stable. It had some good wobble in it.

This is what happens when wood is not properly stacked.

Thankfully it didn't take terribly long to transfer to a new row of pallets; correctly I may add. My new stack is much more stable! It may slow me down a bit to do it correctly, but at least I won't be taking more time to correct it later on.

The Big Man said he tried telling me, but I just had to learn on my own. Isn't that just the natural tendency of man? I don't think many people like being told what to do, but in the end, we will end up learning the hard way.


Hahaha "The Big Man" 😂😂

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He used to be bigger, but I encouraged him to lose some weight. He sleeps a lot better now.

Wood stacking is an art.

Wood’int that be fun to make jokes?

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Haha good one! I had one in mind (that I’m sure my husband would have found humorous) but I didn’t think it appropriate for a title. Might turn people away lol!

Well even though you had to stack it twice, at least no one got hurt! How is that for a positive twist? haha

Howdy hebrewhousewife! ha! Yes, it's the best way to learn but the hardest way too, what's wrong with us? lol. Is that for the winter that is coming soon? You guys have a wood stove?

Yup, for this winter. We have a large wood-burning fireplace. It’s our main source of heat for the winter.

Oh I love those! I love cutting wood and I love burning wood and I love the smell of the fireplace. Where do you get the wood?

All from our own yard or parents' yards. We have a lot of trees dying for some reason.

Howdy hewbrewhousewife! Really, dying trees? I'd think the subsoil moisture after last winter would be so good that the trees would be flouishing. What in the world?

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