Nettle - 7 Health Secrets - Free Foraging

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7 Secrets Of Nettle

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Something special my Steem Friends.
A plant that holds the nectar of life.
Find it and you could be healthier & stronger. Here's the catch…
It stings like a jellyfish. I will teach you nifty ways to nab it safely.

Come on the adventure with me. Imagine you’re foraging along the River. The air is scrubbed. The rain is napping. The sun is winning. Suddenly your prey sneaks up on you. It hides in the greenery. You brush by and it stings with angry abandon. It’s a hundred fleas launching through the air with poison needles.

Your shins are bacon crackly on hot cast iron. Buti it’s all worth it. In fact, the sting you feel may be good for your adrenals.


You’ve discovered the stinging nettle. Now stick around and learn 7 tips on nettle knowledge.

1. Go forage! Head out at the 1'st signs of Spring. That’s Now. Locate a nettle patch. Pick carefully. Take only the tender top of the plant. Stick to the stem. Stems don’t sting. Stingers are on the underside of leaves. I recommend gloves… But hey, You’re my Steem Friend... You can probably go bare knuckle. But be careful, too many stings and your fingers stay numb for days. Don’t ask why I know this.

2. Saute Nettle like Spring spinach. Add garlic, oil, red pepper flakes, and a sprinkle of lemon. You’ll be eating fancy like the King of France. But, drying nettle is where things start to get interesting.

3. Hang nettle till crisp.Know dry leaves into a jar. Add your super flakes to an omelet or any kitchen creation. They’re high in protein. Or even better… make nettle tea.

4. Nettle tea helps with asthma and allergies. It clears your lungs. It’s high in iron so it fights anemia and fuels energy.

5. Cool nettle tea and slap it on your 1st spring sunburn.It speeds healing on rashes too.

6. It lowers your blood sugar level. Drink nettle tea with your next Snickers bar. (Don’t eat Snickers Bars. They have no vitamins)

7. Nettle in a nutshell. Vitamins A, C, & D. minerals calcium and iron. Phosphorus and potassium. Sodium and Silica. Don’t mind if I do.

Enjoy Spring my Steem Friends. Today you can notice flowers blooming.
Go out and forage some nettle.
Have an adventure on me

Here's a shot of me and @LifeMovedBySteem foraging for nettle.Feb 2017 Article Pic.jpg

Much Love My Steem Friends.

Bottom Rocker. Me and Ned.jpg

Let me know about your free foraging...

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I used to drink nettle infusion using dried nettle I bought on mountain rose herbs. I’ve never gone foraging for herbs or roots though. It’s something I’d like to learn to do.


Hi Nikema. It's pretty rad to grab them straight out of the ground. they are pretty easy to find in CA.
This is the perfect time of year.


Just need gloves right? I know some green witchy types who would know all about this. We should plan a foraging trip soon.


how are your design projects coming along? have you done any work for people from the creators conference?


I’m doing a little bit of design work. Thanks for asking. I’m actually putting it on hold because I have some projects I started on before I knew I’d be coming to Las Vegas.

I was tickled because I found your emoji today 🤠

Interesting .. Thanks for the info
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing

I dont have any idea what it taste like but i will give it a try 😄


it taste well nice! believe!

I like to give nettle the middle finger too. But it grows up here and now feeling inspired to collect some this year and try some tea... Cheers!


Scott legend. A brush by nettle in shorts is a nice add to a hike. haha, yea that pic of the middle finger wasn't me, but very appropriate

This is the plant you want to look for if you are stung - Plantago major, or broad-leaf plantain. Lance leaf plantain also works. Roll up the leaves to break the cell walls, and wipe the site of the sting. plantago major.jpg


If you have adhesive tape of any kind, apply that to the site first - the hairs are still in you, you will heal faster if you place the tape over the sting site, and then pull. Out come the hairs!


In Australia we have this plant, the Gympie stinger, also a member of the Urticaceae family. It makes the stinging nettle feel like a gnat bite, there are a few incidences where people have actually killed themselves from the pain when stung in remote locations. gympie stinger.jpg


And this is the cure for the Gympie stinger, and also the bull rout, a fish with poisonous spines that lies in river beds. Common bracken fern. The leaves in hot water are good. Or, just the crushed leaves moistened with spit if you're in the bush. The fiddlehead is much more potent, and more juicy, but care should be exercised. After removing the hairs (if possible) dab just a small amount on the site. The fiddlehead juice causes localised inflammation as part of it's healing process, take care to wash your hands after use, especially before you go to the toilet! bracken-close-upsm.jpg

I have had my fair share of run ins with stinging neddles while out camping. Its wild how boiling them removes those stinging hairs. I have plans in the coming years to have a small "food forest" where everything is edible and neddles will surely be there.


a food forest is one of my dreams someday. A couple trees or bushes per year.


Just started watching your videos on YouTube and love the content you're putting out, I'm new to Steemit and learning as I go along. Keep up the great work!


thanks. good luck

Very useful tips! I'm trying to be healthier! Upvoted!!

where can you find that miracle plant?

I also make nettles into a rudimentary pest control spray, by seeping it in water for several weeks, adding some garlic and some chilli or pepper and straining it, then spray it on plants which have pests such as aphids or beetles.


great info. I'll try that in my garden thanks

One of my go to's! I generally pair it up with burdock root. Which you can pretty much find foraging in lots of wild spots in North America.


oooh great call on the burdock

I like nettle tea so much, especially with liquorice, it gives a more sweeter taste :) If you want more information about nettle watch my blog about nettles on @miguelr


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Thank You! ⚜

interesting things you shared damn i didn't knew much about that

It seems to me that your post friend is very well structured ... in reality, fundamentally what I observe from the posts is the structure of the content to learn each day more ... thanks for the contribution of my friend

wow..very nice. I can try at my home?

sir, how to sbd

Now there's finally a use for all those nettles in my garden! Thanks for the secrets! @happymoneyman

Good post

I have never seen or heard "nettle" in my whole life. What does it taste?

Wow! I never knew that, great advice! Thanks

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Really impressive post...
I must give it a try to see how it works

You can be happy with money man, since you will get a sneaky upvote pretty soon 😀

Totally agree with this post...Help and support each other and the world as a whole--a better place...
creative job @ happymoneyman, thank you for sharing.

I have never seen this plant in my life. I think they only grows is specific climate like in your country and not available in tropical countries like where I live. But maybe I am wrong. But it is quite interesting. And for me, I prefer the nettle tea.


Si hay ortiga en países tropicales y es verdaderamente ruda

Excellent publication. I have always thought that all natural medicine is the only one that can cure the world, the medicinal properties of plants in many cases the entire plant kingdom is incredible.

How nice to know all these properties of the hortiga, the truth is that you encouraged me to look for some of its leaves and prepare a good tea of this great plant.

Do you know if nettle grows in Louisiana?

I like to infuse it in oil(olive oil or sunflower oil). It's specially good in salads!

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No solo para lo que dices.tengo pacientes que han mejorado sus dolores articulares con ortiga es excelente,pero hay que tener cuidado los excesos son malos.

@happymoneym, steady .. provides excellent information health through steemit, with natural ingredients can cure various diseases. you are very steady and incredible, provides extensive insight

The nettle is one of the plants that offers greater advantages to the organism, I hope the tea be good

Nettle seeds are super healthy too, it's absolutely amazing what this little plant has to offer.

Cool, thanks for taking your time to share this great information.
Pls, can you describe the leaf further and possibly the taste for easy identification.

I live in wales these things are everywhere, I have tried nettle tea a few times its quite nice, never tried eating though, never knew the sting was good for adrenals, very interesting article, nice one


cheers turtle. What state do you live in? Im in CA


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Excellent information, I have a lot in my garden, I use it to keep plagues away from my growing vegetables but I didn´t know it has so many uses. Thanks for your post!

Great post! Nettle is one of my favourite herbs. One of my professors used to say that you could live off nettles alone (if you had to, of course!). Nettle root is great for enlarged prostates and a great trick for achy joints and tendinitis is to do some urtication i.e. stick the joint in some nettles - stinging and welts will be there but pain relief as well! :)

good job

Thank you for this! I've had friends recommend nettle tea but never fully understood all the health benefits or the fact that it can be foraged!


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Life is much more interesting with good health.Pupils (2).jpeg

My grandmother used to make a tea of nettles in the spring and we cooked the greens as well as a spring green vegetable. (I remember because I was usually assigned to harvest the foliage for her and Mom.

Big bucks on nettle post? Go figure! Congrats and good job! :)

I'm going to tell you that with the memory I have of that plant I do not think I take a tea of it jajajajaj just imagine how my hand was left

My husband went in a nettle eating competition once, and got featured in Nuts mens magazine, which he was thrilled by as it was on the same page as Ozzy Osbourne - haha.




It was pretty fantastic. Involved lots of ale and stacks up stacks of huge nettle lengths.