My journey to raw water

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Seven years ago I watched a documentary on water that has forever changed my relationship to it! It was about a Japanese scientist named Masaru Emoto who researched water and its properties. He found that a human vibrations, energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music all affected molecular structure of water. Here is a version of that video for your reference:

This idea that water has a "memory" and/or structure really blew my mind and I was a little skeptical so I decided to learn more about water....I dove in head first yuk yuk.
I slowly started to upgrade the quality of the water that I put in my body. I moved off tap water to bottled water. Then I got a nikon water filter finally actually buying an alkaline water system. I thought I had reached the best of the best water a man could enjoy. But I noticed the water didn't really have me feel any better. I stumbled across another video about drinking "raw" water. Straight from the source to your mouth no middle men or anything changing the water. I followed the steps and finally found my spring. Its located inside a state park and the rangers test the water on a regular basis. My biggest fear at this point was getting or gravely ill from drinking tainted water so this put me completely at ease. I made the 45 minute drive up to the park and finally found the outlet. I quickly filled a water bottle to try it out. Let me tell you that I could not only taste the difference I could feel one. The water left me felling energized and uplifted. I was hooked and I knew these was the way I was going to do water moving forward.
Fast forward seven years: my three smallest children have only ever had raw water, I have been slowly switching from spa plastic 5 gallon bottles to glass carboys, and its a full family day. We go to the lake, forage for mushrooms, and play in the park.
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I encourage you to see and ask how you can upgrade your water and try it! Its a journey worth exploring and you never know where it may take you!

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So how do I find raw water?


check out this website call

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Thank you I will try your service and see what happens on my next post! I appreciate your generosity.

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Yup, well water is the best way to go. We're fortunate to live in a state like Arkansas where spring water is ubiquitous. Thanks for sharing.


Yeah I hope to move to a property with a well and/or fresh spring! Do you keep an eye on the surrounding land to watch for fraction, contamination or have to test your water regularly? Basically how do you know its safe?


We have it tested regularly. Nothing in it but great minerals.

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