Wanderings on June 6, 2019 @goldenoakfarm

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Fairy in garden crop June 2019.jpg

I finally got my fairy out in the garden Wednesday morning. It’s been so cold, I forgot to do it.

V garden - geranium, hollyhock, giant alium, lily of the valley crop June 2019.jpg
V Garden with fairy and new birdbath, geranium flowers, hollyhocks and lily of the valley

Geese flying north crop June 2019.jpg

A flock of geese heading north went over yesterday morning when I went out to work in the New Herb garden. I didn’t last long, just a couple hours and only finished Row 3. I just can’t do much more up and down work.

New Herb - Row 2 soapwort crop June 2019.jpg
New Herb Garden, Row 2: soapwort

New Herb -Row 3 toothache flowering crop June 2019.jpg
New Herb Garden, Row 3, yellow toothache plant flowering

New Herb - Row 3, 3 Bee balm crop June 2019.jpg
New Herb Garden, Row 3, 3 types of bee balm: wild variety with lavender flowers on left, red variety on right, and spotted bee balm at the top

Now I have red bee balm, I am giving away most of the lavender one on BuyNothing. I got the red variety from BuyNothing. I know planting 3 of the same so close will cause cross pollination, but for this year, this is what I have.

2nd Fence - yellow loosestrife, verbascum crop June 2019.jpg
2nd Fence Garden – yellow loosestrife with verbascum behind

Spirea crop June 2019.jpg
Spirea flowering

Didn’t accomplish much yesterday, too worn out…..

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"Too worn out" is code for "time to sit on your butt all day in the garden with some sweet tea." :)

Not this time of year.....

Yeah, I guess not for y'all. It's summer down here now 🤣 heat indexes this weekend should be over 100. Real temps should touch 90 for the first time of the year.

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My body just will not take those temps! But we get a few of them in July or August in the last few years... One reason I am out at 6AM, it's much cooler...