Gardens and Happy Birds - March 9, 2020 @goldenoakfarm

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Big garden - 2 more feet done crop March 2020.jpg

On Monday, after PT, I headed out to the garden. It was a balmy 65F and partly sunny and I wanted to do something! I managed almost an hour and quit when my back said to. I got almost 2 feet done.

Yard - clean-up starts crop March 2020.jpg

My son was on the mower and cleaning up the yard. He got this area done first.

Small garden - garlic to 4 in crop March 2020.jpg

The garlic is up about 6” now. It doesn’t show up well against the mulch.

Layers in snake fence2 crop March 2020.jpg

My son had finished putting the snake fence up and when I went up about an hour later, no one had been in it. So I chivvied them over to it several times until I had about ½ of the flock in there. The rooster was too scared and kept telling them it was “dangerous, don’t go!”

Layers in snake fence1 crop March 2020.jpg

My husband said they were all down at the far end when he went up to put them to bed. I forgot to ask him if the rooster was there…

Tuesday my helper friend is here and I hope to get the covers off the onions as some are up under the lights. Once it warms up, I hope to be in the gardens. The first thing is to get the stones and wire off the bulbs in the Big garden, then resume the cleanout.


The rooster's reaction made me giggle. Honestly, sometimes the roosters are bigger scaredycats than the hens! LOL

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First time I heard of snake fence. Are there really snakes in your property? Are they dangerous like cobras or rattle snakes?

No, no snakes that are a problem. It's the shape of the fence, wiggly like a snake. It's a very long narrow fence, so hawks can't get in. Only 5' wide and about 160' long and twisted into all kinds of shapes, to fit the area it is in.

I will have to try this! Hawks have been my deadliest predator.

That's going to be a very nice garlic harvest 😍😍

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