Monday Red

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Here are a few fall-themed reds. Things have been busy and I've been feeling a little overwhelmed, so I haven't been taking many pictures. I woke up to a very chilly 28 degrees this morning, which meant a stunningly beautiful day, even if it never got very warm. Here's one of the blueberry field in all its autumn glory. Even though the berries are long gone, the plants still have something to give.


This is a large shrub at my friend Tracy's house. It only has a little red, but the color combo is so stunning I had to include it.


This is a Japanese maple tree at the family farm. It's a deep burgundy all summer, and then it does this in the fall.


Here's a close-up of the leaves. I love lace-leaf maples. The delicate leaves are so intricately beautiful.


Speaking of leaves, here's a gorgeous maple leaf I found in the driveway the other day. None of the maple trees in my area have red leaves, so I can't quite figure out where it came from. It's a stunner, though. I brought it in the house to press it and the puppies shredded it. They leave nothing undestroyed.


So those are my reds for today! It looks like it's going to be cold again tonight, so I'm going to go sit by the fire!

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Oh my, these are lovely. And all of it sounds lovely. I would like to curl up by a fire, but it would be totally miserable because it was so humid and hot here today. Supposedly going to cool off in a few days. Don't hate your cold.

I'm going to look into those Japanese maples. I saw them when I was in Europe, but can't say I have here. Probably don't grow here, but I will cross my fingers.

Those puppies didn't destroy the leaf, they loved it to death - two very different things :)

they loved it to death

That's worth a vote right there.

I do love Japanese maples. Maybe you could get one to grow in a pot. I don't know how they would do in your climate, but definitely look into it!

I am trying not to hate the cold, but it's 28 degrees right now and it's hard to make myself go outside. The fire is an absolute requirement!

Here are a couple of other things the puppies have loved to death.



They have so much love to give that I will have to take out a loan to recover from it!

Oh the couch! I'll hope that was one of those den couches that was always covered in dog hair and had mystery stains. Well, at least they appear to be proud of their work. That pup above there is taking a nap in it, so clearly it was a job well done.

Maples are my favorite! Though when I was living in Wisconsin, I saw one oak that was red at the top and cycled all the way back to green by the bottom. It was stunning.

BTW, it was 5F this morning here. We're expecting our first sub-zero temp tomorrow night (and more snow, lol.) This has definitely been the most severe start to winter I've seen since I moved here!

Holy cow! That's cold! I should stop complaining about my high twenties!

I would love to see a picture of that oak. It sounds amazing.

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It's always cold the first time you get the cold... not so bad coming back up somehow.
Unfortunately, I didn't even have a camera at that time - and didn't carry it to work.

Beautiful reds. We get mostly yellow, and rust and brown tones. Not much red.
It is going to get below freezing tonight. There has been frost up on the hill, but we have not had any yet down here in the river valley. Stay warm.

Thank you! It's looking like we're going down below freezing again tonight too. You stay warm too!

30°C here today, blue skies...(86F). You need to move to Australia GG! :)

Hope you're well, been a bit lazy with my replies lately - So much going on. I've been keeping up with your blog though. Nice work and keep it up.

I definitely need to move to Australia! I will buy a plane ticket as soon as you get rid of those super scary snakes! I have been very lazy with my replies too. Thanks for keeping up with me. I will endeavor to catch up with you.

Snakes are here to stay I'm afraid. They don't eat much. Well, they do, but not often. Well, yeah often...But if you're careful you [might] not get bit! :)

Beautiful colours! I just love staring at these leaves,they give me energy!

I do hope you have more time to rest and recuperate your muscles!

Eat a lot and have fun.

Thank you! The leaves really put on a show this time of year.

I wish I had such contrasting colours in my garden.

Ohhhh wow.... 😮 these are gorgeous!!!
I got dark green, light green and green - which do you like! 😂 Ohhh and brown when they're dead and dessicated! Those I like too... 🙂

I agree with @ginnyannette... "they loved it to death" - that would be me too...

Thank you so much! We've got our share of dead and dessicated too. But first they show off a little!

So beautiful!

Thank you!

You're very welcome!

Beautiful intense red colours ^^ .. it is nice to see that winter did not start everywhere already ;) .. but it is getting really cold here too now .. it is not even november now !!

Wow, those are some pretty colors! 28ºF is pretty chilly, alright! It sounds like the puppies enjoyed the red leaf, too. Just in their own way... lol

I wish I could have a puppy, where I am. I miss the combination paper shredder and scrap food disposal system.