Our Crowdfunding - Help Kickstart a Sustainabe Cumminity in South Africa on Indiegogo Before August

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Please help us by sending us some Steem with this Crowdfunding campaign.

For all the Steem we receive we will deposit straight into this crowdfunding campaign if possible.

TAKE A LOOK HERE - https://igg.me/at/earthavenproject/x/13242280

Read the content on the page there, it is all there, ask some question here if you have any.

If you would like to Donate straight on the crowdfunding Campaign, that is also 100% cool - there you can actually qualify to get a TREE planted in your name, only 850 spots.

We only have 2 Months to collect this amount. It is urgent, please take a moment to read the Campaign, and support is as always greatly appriciated.