Color Challenge : RedMonday - red ashberry + recipe

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Red Ashberry is very common in autumn and can be easily found in a wild. With this Berry you can do alco production (liquor,wine,vodka) or delicious jam (with adding some apples or pears)

To make yourself a jam here is recipe:

800 gram of sugar (for 2.5 litre of water)
Red ashberry 750 gram
Apples 300 gram (you can try pears too )

Step 1:Preparing sugar,ashberries,apples
Step 2:Taking ashberries and filter them (remove leaves and old dead berries)
Step 3:Adding berries to bowling water for 5-7 minutes
Step 4:Then put berries to colander/strainer (and leaving syrup from berries in pan/pot)
Step 5:Cutting apples and adding to bowling water 3-4 minutes, then lightly rinse with cold water.
Step 6:Taking our leftover syrup from berries and adding there sugar(300gram) and make it to boil.
Step 7:After this adding our apples and berries to this syrup and leaving for 10 hours with towel.
Step 8: After this 10 hours we again boil our future jam and and leaving for more 8 hours.
Overall we will do 3 times - boil 10 minutes - wait 8 hours . Before second time of 8 hours adding last part of sugar ~ 500 gram.

After all this we have a nice jam for a cold winter!

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Upvoted! Thanks for sharing. I have actually never seen this fruit before

Beautiful photos. I had no idea that one could actually use these berries to eat. I definitely must try your recipes. 😋

if that jelly I like and the pineapple, that nice fruit as it looks .. I hope you enjoy it;)

I love shrubs with berries...and even better if they are edible! There's nothing like enjoying your own homemade jam on a cold wnters day.

Awesome pictures!!

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Sounds and seems very delicious - enjoy 😋

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I know this plant as the European Mountain-ash (Sorbus aucuparia). It's considered an invasive tree in my region, in Oregon. So we can harvest all we want! :D

Thanks for the recipe! It's a great fruit, when it's processed in the right way, like you have here. It will be nice to see your finished jam, too!

These trees are great to know. In the US Pacific Northwest, they are invasive, so folks can harvest all they want --- and that's a good thing!

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