Our First Pineapple is Gone 🍍

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This is our first pineapple harvest!

We have a lot of firsts at the homestead and it's been fun.

We're still working on the second fencing for the chickens and almost done with it. But this pineapple story is waiting so here it goes.

Pineapple is a tropical plant

We usually see them in the grocery with stickers saying Product of Costa Rica or some other country. I haven't seen one from California but maybe mom and dad did.

But how come we can have pineapple in the US? This one was planted in a pot. During winter time, mom and dad keep it in the house. Then when it warms up they bring it back outside.


See those spiky things on the leaves? Isn't that cool? The new leaves have those and the bigger and longer ones don't have them.

The bigger ones are just spiky at the tips. It doesn't hurt bad but if you're like me, you'll pull your hands fast when you touch and get close to a pineapple plant.


And that's my baby brother pointing at it. He can't wait to get his hands on the pineapple. It smells really good and it's beautiful gold color.

I haven't seen a beautiful pineapple like this and maybe because most of the pineapples we see in the store are old ones. Ours is fresh and organic!


We made a video cutting it up but mom hasn't edited it yet. We will upload it as soon we can. Too bad, we ate the pineapple so fast. It didn't last a day, it was TOO GOOD.

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My favourite fruit is pineapple

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Though it is one of the delicious fruit. Cutting it and removing its infinity eye is the hardest thing to do. I hope your mother is skilled enough for that..

wow i also like pineapple

wow such looking nice and nicly perfect click. i also so much like pineapple