It's Cooler Now! Time To Learn and Play

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Hello everyone!

I hope you missed us.

We were busy with Math, writing and reading. Lately I've been really enjoying cryptography (or ciphering). And some of the times my sisters, little brother and I are enjoying the cooler days outside.

This is my hammer and tall grass whacker. It also digs well.

Green is beautiful

It's still green outside. And did you know my favorite color is green?

It's beautiful to go outside in the morning and it's cool. One night we asked Mom if we can play outside and she said if we wake up early the next day, we can play early. Then come in, wash up, eat and take a nap.

Next morning, we were all excited to put our tick gear on and play outside. Mom was right. It's fun to be out when it's cooler.

This is a hairy worm we found outside. Do you know what it is?

We let the chickens out in their new run so they can dig and scratch. They really love grass so they just go around munching on grass.

Fall colors are beautiful too

While outside, the sun was shining and we had clear blue sky. It wasn't hazy. But you can look through the woods and the sun shines through the trees.

Some trees are already dropping their leaves. They're turning yellow and reddish.

My Mom and baby sister came out to play for a little bit. Mom works from home so she can take a break and spend time with us outside.


Can you see that ride toy facing the burn barrel? That's my baby sister's ride. We have Tonka trucks and we rode them down the hill. Baby sister had a blast riding down the hill too!

She's still learning how to balance and walk. The soft grass is making her tumble on the grass.

Oops, we laughed. She was so cute.

She didn't cry. She just got up and tried again.

I should remember this when I get discouraged. Just get up and try again.

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