How To Clip Chicken Wings | Tutorial With @papa-pepper

in homesteading •  last year 


@papa-pepper and I walk you through how to clip the flight feathers on your chicken.

There are many reasons to clip the feathers, and it is up to you to decide if it is something you would like to do.

I hope you enjoy our step by step walk through. Be well.

Also, posted to youtube

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"gonna come right through and try not to get his fingers"
hahaha!! that would have probably made an epic video too.

The Yeti featuring cutting off @papa-pepper fingers

This is great! I never even knew this :)

I already got my face wrecked last night! Now you want my fingers cut off?

Very sorry! I hope the wound is not serious and will quickly heal ...

Right! Alot of moving parts....accidents happen hahah content content content

Thanks for a great video guys! I believe in stewardship of our land and our animals. My son had a friend in Canada whose parents had an egg production farm. 1500 chickens in 3 barns with three floors each. Three chickens in a tiny cage where they could only eat and produce eggs. After six months of laying they were sold to a canning factory for soup. It was awful to see what those birds went though...

Yeah! Alot of animals have a rough go of things. The worst part is that people think that sort of thing is ok and continue to support it...directly or indirectly.


Would never guess to clip only one of them! Awesome

Thought I would help that rep a bit!

I have had chickens all my life and never clipped their wings. They would go out in the morning and before sunset they were home. they laid their eggs in the chicken coop at home and I never missed one. Sometime one got caught by a buzzard and sometime one or two slept in a tree but home was home.

Hey that is interesting man. i never even knew that was something you could do to keep them from getting out. Learned something again from the Yeti :)

Yes!! I am glad you enjoyed it. When homesteadimg meets video making...boom!

P.s. that 62 looks nice on you!

Hahaha! Likewise brother!

Thanks for that, I've got a couple escape artists in the flock.

Im glad i we could help! Clipping helped us with the ones we keep in a fence

I love it when chicken wings are clipped...... Thanks for sharing this; much love

You will not believe, but in Ukraine we also cut wings of chickens!))

A universal technique!

My best friend has a hobby farm with chickens. He uses them for the eggs and the meat. Though he thinks its more expensive than in store, he enjoys doing it. Thanks for sharing @freedompoint

Wow! Thanks for the tip on maybe getting a heritage breed. We’ve already gone through our fair share of losing pets, I’d hate to lose chickens, too!

Yeah, 'ol junk production birds arent good. They have been bred to live a hard short life. Our heritage birds are healthy and seem to be doing much better.