Won The War On Wasps!

in homesteading •  7 months ago

We found the proper spray for squirting into ground nests for yellow jackets. They seem to all be gone now. I forgot to get a picture of the can before it was thrown away but you can see it in the video...

bug spray.png

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Carpenter bees are the ones I had trouble with and killed them with my old bug zapper. I think we powdered them too. Great that this spray took care of them and won the war.


i wanted to use the bug zapper but addie was worried it would get innocent casualties of war...

How about throwing a few handfulls of quikcrete in the hole and then water. After they are entombed in concrete should end your bee problem.


may work but this fixed the problem...

Sometimes in the summer if I find a nest underground like that I'll dump ice out of a cooler in the hole it pretty much slows them down enough to poison them with some good ole spray or something. I've even used gasoline on them.


ya gasoline is an EPA violation so cant do it here.