My Eco Grow Hydroponics Setup

in homesteading •  2 months ago

I got a Eco Grow Hydroponics Kit ! ! !

I intend to grow micro greens with it. I also got a grow light and greenhouse tray to start the seeds. My friend Hailey and I set it all up during a live stream video on my YouTube channel:

This is the kit we got from Eco Grow:

eco grower max hydroponics system.jpg

This is pretty much how it works:


Here is our livestream YouTube video of us putting it altogether and getting the seeds started etc...

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This is very interesting and is something I may try very soon. I have always failed at gardening because I fail to keep the plants watered properly. With hydroponics the watering is automatic and I would no longer be a plant killer. Thanks so much!


well you still need to get the ph correct and a few other things but may be easier...


4 days in and starting to grow!


Quick, get the tweezers and eat it!


its growing...

Looks intersting and exciting. Will try to follow along. :-)


thanks. hope you had a good V-Day. :)

I can not wait to watch the progress! This is a project that I always wanted to try but we just never got around to it.


i will blog about it as we go through each step...