Crock Pot Gravy Stew

in homesteading •  2 months ago

It is cold out and that means stew! The best foods in winter are soups, stews, and chili’s as far as I am concerned.

Today I made another steak and veggie stew using a brown gravy mix. I like it because it thickens it up and sticks to your ribs longer 🙂

So I pulled out the old ancient crock pot and loaded it with stew meat…


Then I chose my veggies and added them. I used carrots, onions, potatoes, celery, and baby corn. Note I picked the miniature versions so no cutting except for the celery. I added 3/4ths a stick of butter as well because this is brown gravy stew and that calls for butter in my house…


Now for the spices. I add cilantro, basil, oregano, garlic, and of course brown gravy mix 🙂

crockpot cooking  (6).JPG

crockpot cooking  (7).JPG

Now add in the water and stir and let sit for a few hours. Later when it is finished I will add some more gravy mix to thicken it up to my liking. I will also add some hot spices to my individual serving as the wife doesn’t like that part.

crockpot cooking  (9).JPG

crockpot cooking  (10).JPG


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Now I am ready for some beef stew. My crock pot is on the counter. I just have to go to the store for the meat and vegetables. I am making this tomorrow cause too late today. I am getting biscuits too.


oooo i got biscuits in the fridge lol. gonna make some now. good idea badger...

Now I wanna make beef stew! Beef stew has gotta be one of my favorite comfort foods. I'll have to find a way to make a keto version. Challenge Accepted 😁


:) be sure to blog it girl... and share it here :)

Looks pretty tasty to me. Nothing like a good stew, soup, or chili when its cold out like you said doc.


always a good time for hot girl chili wrestling...

Mmmm Man I love a good thick gravy stew with lots of meat. Now I have a major craving for stew and biscuits.


i made biscuits to. winter is a good time for this stuff...

Looking good we had stew last week. I think Monday is potato soup day with cheesy biscuits.


next up i think might be a white stew consisting of whole nude potatoes, instant mash potatoes, pearl onions, white gravy, Parmesan cheese, garlic, butter, and some seasonings.

Crock Pot cooking is a very energy efficient way of slow cooking. @ 200 watts for 5 hours and with the heating element cycling on and off you will consume 1/2 of a kilowatt hour. I used an egauge to measure cooking a roast for 5 hours.


cool. good to know facts...