Baby it's cold outside - the house is full of animals

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Here in Texas, we don't like freezing temperatures! But it's coming! It is supposed to dip into the 20's for 3 days in a row. While @daddykirbs is preparing his garden and plants, I am busy preparing the animals and chickens for the cold.

Since we do not have a barn at this time. The house becomes safe haven for the more delicate animals, during the extreme (to us in Texas) cold.

Here are our bunnies and younger silkies enjoying the warmth of the dinning room.

These adorable white Silkies are so precious to me. I wouldn't want to lose them in the cold. While they are young I'll move them into the house on nights that we are expecting temps below 40. This morning we were awaken by a young cockerel trying out his new voice. It was a miserable crow, but he was so proud. We found it amusing.

We have two large African Spur Thighed Tortoises. CoCo is a very large boy that is well over 100 pounds. He has a heated house outside so we don't worry about him. This is Jack Jack. He is about 10 years old and 60 pounds (there abouts). Unfortunately Jack doesn't have such a cozy house so when it gets cold he spends time indoors.

The bedding on his back is from a little game that our grandson was playing. He thought Jack would be more comfortable with some warm bedding on his back.

The truth is I really love a super clean house so this wouldn't be funny for long, but since it's temporary I am FINDING JOY listening to all the babies chirping.

Do you ever bring in your farm animals?

Thank you for sharing this time with me!

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wooow this is great,, I hope you enjoyed your time with that,,, Just take care of the babies you wont regret that


Thank you

How so cute ❤❤

this is great .. always lookafter the animal and give him all the care

Yep, Freezing in East Texas, Smoked pork and champagne for my wife and I.

Babies are babies and yes inside the warm house was a great move!
Stay safe and warm!



I just brought cats to my house, hehe. I want to tell one thing, your wonderful description in the article, it really made me feel warm while I was reading and moving from one line to another. Thank you :-)


What a sweet thing to say, thank you. I'm sure your cats were excited to go in the house and explore.

That's the way people used to do it: keep the animals close and share warmth in the cold! Great post and I hope everyone stays warm.


I think there is a lot to be learned from the way things used to be done. :)

Adorable silkie babies. How old are they? It's cold here too, -11C/ 12F but my chickens are still out in their coop :) I give them extra scratch and extra bedding to snuggle up in if they want but they usually still sleep on the roosts. Chickens are surprisingly hardy!


Ditto for chickens being hardy...this is my first winter owning them and I asked my sister (who lives in a state much colder than ours) how she heated the coop. She said she didn’t because then the chickens acclimated to the cold and would still want to get outside every day; her neighbor has a heated coop and his chickens won’t budge. She has hilarious video of her chickens and ducks plowing through deep snow! We’ve had temps dipping toward single digits lately and mine are still trying to bust out the coop door, haha.
With all that said, the silkies look a bit more delicate to me, especially since they’re young.


Yes :)
These babies are younger and have been more sensitive to the cold, I have lost 6 from
This group of babies due to the cold. :(.
I have lots of older Silkies out in their coop. They do great in all weather conditions.

These babies are 3 months old.


Oh no, sorry about your losses! Good thing you are able to bring these ones inside :) I have some 4 month olds and the cockerel has yet to try out his voice.


Are they hatched from your own older silkies? I would love to homegrow our own chicks, but won’t get a rooster so it’s not happening here ;-)

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I love it...cold is cold. I can just imagine how happy they are inside!

@findingjoy, yes, it is cold here in south Texas. I don't have "farm" animals on my homestead yet, but our cats and Macaws definitely stay inside when the temps dip. Bet the sounds of all those babies is a very peaceful sound. I[vpted.

No animals to bring inside but I get why that would be a good idea! Here in Central IL this morning it was -15! I can't even tell you the last time I remember it being this cold!

I wish we had Texas temperatures over here. It's about -25 over where I live so, you are very lucky right now, haha! Welcome to Steemit, I gave you a follow. :)