Spring 2018 Starts Today!

in homesteading •  11 months ago

I'm so excited to start the Spring 2018 gardening today!

A Spring 2017 Harvest Morning


Too soon? Not hardly! After examining the awful state of my garden post Hurricane Irma, I knew that the sooner I started clearing out the overgrowth and fire ants the better.


So, today was step one. Pull up all the landscaping fabric, pick up any pots that had blown around, empty out the starter trays (saving the dirt of course!) and give the first half of the garden a good, deep discing (tilling). This will only be my second planting at this location, so I'm not worried about destroying anything as it's not really built up yet soilwise.


This year, we'll be adding some goji berries:


New rosemary (my other ones finally died after almost 15 years):


Fig trees (these are cuttings we took from another fig tree thats about 40 years old):




And help along some wild citron for livestock (here's my post on that from acouple days ago https://steemit.com/homesteading/@farmandadventure/the-mighty-citron):


That's it for today from sunny Florida! I hope you and your families are able to enjoy some time together over the next few days and let's get our 2018 goals on paper and get to it!


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Whoa!! I wish I had land like you to farm. Do you use heirloom seeds?


I use almost all certified organic and heirloom seed unless I get it from a trusted person I know. Its so sad that we cant just use whatever seed we can get these days, but we're quite a bit beyond those years im afraid...I always tell people just plant what you can. Even if all you have is a balcony outside an apartment, plant some pollinator friendly flowers and some tomatoes/peppers/beans, or herbs. Every little bit helps! Farm on!

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Your goji berry plants LOOK GREAT!
I attempted some last season and lost all of them.


Us too. We've lost so many but we're starting to get ahead if the learning curve. The tub helps with drainage and wind and we can move them if needed (its on a pallet so we use the forklift on the tractor). I also make sure to use certified organic seed. Anything else has just sprouted and dies. We sprout indoors, btw. Hope that helps!

Congrats on your harvest!

A couple more months til I can start harvesting, but its always great to see folks producing!


I literally cant wait! The hurricane stopped my Fall garden in its tracks so Ive basically been sitting it out. I am not used to that Lol! Spring 2018 here we come!



Hoping our November drought didnt snuff out the fall garlic planting.

Life as a farmer is so frustrating when one has to wait on the weather.

Fair weather and good harvest!

How inspiring, thanks for sharing!!
Fire ants are just the worst...
Your goji berries look fantastic! I bought one clearance goji plant from Lowes last fall, and it is surviving, but not thriving at all... Perhaps it needs more feeding or a new pot. shrugs
Best of luck with your garden! Now I had better get working on mine, haha!

Ginger and Gogi berries. Great choices. Glad to hear your bouncing back strong after Hurricane Irma!