I Walk with Chickens (Come with Us!)steemCreated with Sketch.

Sometimes you just need alittle bit of nature and some good company...


I took a quick video of my chatty chickens walking with me. I tried to talk them into going down to the duck pond, but they are too afraid after watching a few ducks get taken by hawks. Say what you want about chickens being "bird brained", but my ducks seem to be the ones who have no learning ability when it comes to predators!

So come along for a quick walk and talk!

And as always...





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When you sweater weather, exactly how cold is that? Here when it drops below 25 degrees Celsius or about 77 degrees Fahrenheit we reach for sweaters and where are those blankets?


Last year we had one night that got to 29 *F. This year, I promised myself the fireplace is getting fired up at 60 * or under Lol. Cozy slippers, hot tea, and fuzzy blankets get busted out if it goes under 70 * 😁


makes me feel all warm and fuzzy just to read that post. lol

I'm currently seeking steemians that live in Florida to be part of a steemit show I'm making.
Take a peek at my most recent post and let me know if you'd be interested.
Sorry to crash your comments.

I am in Florida as well and I am very much looking forward to this "cold" winter we are supposed to be have... I just need a break from the humidity really lol. Question: What kind of breed is your "gossiper" :D He is pretty!

It just does a body good to be among animals. There is something that brings peace to your soul.