Feeding the earthworms

in homesteading •  12 days ago 


I had my buddy Nick clear out his refrigerator of old rotting food for the earthworms and goats. I separated out the peppers though, the goats and the earthworms do not like them.

We only have a small handful of earthworms we have to feed and proliferate. They survived from the last house I brought them from 4 months ago.

First I choose the most rotting food for the worms and choose the not so rotting food the goats.


  • Food for the worms!


  • Worms love their food blended!



  • Goat food!

Then we peeled back the top mulch in the area the earthworms are in and simply laid out the corn husks and blended food in a strip on top of the soil but underneath the top mulch. Earthworms are top feeders and will consume this food in 3-7 days. I'm expecting 4-5 days with the hot temps and blended food.


  • Nick aka the Crazyogi feeding the earthworms!


Now that we did that we will wait a week to feed them again all the while moving them bi-directionally through out the yard each week with simple strips of food.

Once I fed the goats it was time to take moment to enjoy all my hard work!

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