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Ok so for a few days now I have been busy getting ready for my next assignment : Teaching dressmaking using pattern drafts.
I figured out while typing that this new task I am embarking on has for this short while helped me discover some talents I thought I lacked. Being the first pattern drafter for this new fashion school, a lot of responsibilities fell on me that I had to deliver before I can even start lessons. Pheww!!
1st I had to order for textbooks and follow through to ensure we get our orders at the next batch, I also had to walk through the workshop and check out details to ensure comfort and efficiency of the work space. I suggested some renovations and adjustments here and there. (The way I was strutting and pointing at stuffs like a boss that day Ehn, Lols!
I realised that all this while I had the ability to organise and carry a project through, right now as I type I have a word document opened filled with recommendations and business plans for profitability and sustainability of this business.
I also have one open for my course outline which I just finished typing.
Yes so am selling my market o! Lols, So for those of us in Lagos, Nigeria who desire a private lesson with me here is my course outline below:


1st Month2nd Month3rd Month4th Month5th Month6th Month
Week 1Hand stitching, Sewing on a straight line, Dart sewing, Zip fixing, Skirt drafting and sewing3 Necklines drafting and sewing (Miniature series)Monostrap + Lining Bodice pattern miniature series3 Collar drafting and sewing (Miniature series)4 More skirt patternFlap/zip flyer & Trouser pattern and sewing
Week 25 Different Skirt drafts and sewing4 Necklines drafting and sewing (Miniature series)Princess dart & Waist and under bust line shaping3 More skirt patternOff shoulder dress, Gathers off shoulder dress, Gathers in CFRevision/brush ups
Week 3Bodice block pattern drafting and sewingSleeves drafting and sewingProject4 More neckline patternKimono sleeves & Shirt dressFinal Project
Week 4Dart manipulation miniature series4 different types of short sleevesProject4 More dart manipulation3 Pocket stylesFinal Project
Oya o, my people come and join me to look good like this;
P.S: All the dresses here were made by me at home. You too can do it!
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Wow, these are really nice, good out fit. All these class you go teach all finish within one month? You no create space for olodo students? Lol just thinking out loud


It is a 6 months course and its well spaced out to accommodate slow learners.

You can make more with video course, there is a video course on Dressmaking and Pattern Making that is selling like hot cake on Konga.

The course creator has no competition and she is raking in all the money. You can give it a shot @cwen.


Ok dear, thanks so much for this info.


Yes he is right you reach more people on video these days. I have just come on board here on steemit. Trying to give people a glimpse of what a fashion college class might look like. I am even trying to use 3D animation. If you need to learn some draping skills I do have a few live videos on the site. I love draping because you get to see it come alive in front of you. before you get into pattern making and construction of your garments. Doing it this way will let you see potential problems you may have to tweek before you make the garment. saving you lots of time and potential cost in materials.

A person skillful at his/her work will stand before Kings.... Nice outfits there.


Thanks dear.

Amazing outfits. 👍

You're situated for big things @cwen, let them feel you


Amen. Thanks @josediccus

Nice one sis. You sure are the most talented in the family. Looking forward to see you take this to the next level.


Thanks so much bro.

Wow, a fellow dressmaker! Making dresses is the bomb and I love, love, love it.

Your dresses are beautiful. How long have you been making dresses?

Teaching this is a great idea! I also have my own fashion brand :-)