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Lots of friends keep asking me how do I care for my natural hair and get it Shiny bouncy and healthy so am writing today's post for them and anyone reading this who wants to transition into natural hair.
My natural hair journey began about 3 years ago but with a little friction here and there getting the right products for a healthy, softer and manageable hair. To save all out there wanting to transition to natural hair which in Nigeria is usually of 4C texture. I made a list of items things to do and intervals for myself and would share them below.
First let me share me me looking fly with my hair and little makeup.... 😍
For daily hair care regiment you would need
1. A Spray Bottle - for putting water with/out oils (Spray water on hair daily)
2. Shea butter (easy to get here in Nigeria) or Shea butter hair products (I usually use Cantu products); and
3. Oils - like olive oil or coconut hair and most importantly castor oil for the dry weather seasons.
Here are some products I also use randomly once in a week!

...also me rocking my twists at the salon with no makeup on! 😝
For hair restoration after serious breakage I do periodic hair steaming say about 2 months interval.
For Homemade regimen I use mayonnaise and egg white as conditioner and "steam" my hair by putting shower cap over my hair for over an hour.
I go to my hair stylist/salon where they get to use their hair products (Don't know what exactly, but I trust them for it is an all natural hair salon) and also trim my hair to prevent breaking tips twice a year, I do this randomly at any time of the year.
Extra tips: Use old cotton T-shirt to dry hair after washing (Never use a towel) and sleep with hair wrapped in Satin Bonnet!
So there it is! Thank me later Ladies 😘
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Good information. I like ladies who takes proper care of their hair


I see! You like better thing, na money kill am o!


I see! You like better thing, na money kill am o!

Extra tips: Use old cotton T-shirt to dry hair after washing (Never use a towel) and sleep with hair wrapped in Satin Bonnet!

Didn't know this before. I've always used a towel to dry my hair. Thanks for sharing @cwen


Yes o, most people don't know this but trust me rubbing towel on natural 4C hair tends to kink them a lot and cause a lot of breakages.


And my hair has been breaking of recent. just saved a life!


You are welcome dear.

Good to know. Thank God am on low cut. Will definitely use your tips. Thanks

Natural hair really needs extra care..thanks for sharing


Yep, but quite easy once you use the right things.

My dear you are really taking good care of yourself.... I will test the Shea butter stuff....
Nice piece


Try n enjoy!

A well maintained hair,makes one look beautiful.thanks


Sure! You are welcome.

First of all permit me to mesmerise you with my sweet words You are a darling, You are the beauty with brains, You are Industrious..
Hmmmm relieved now.

The beauty of a woman is her hair and when she want to shine, her upkeep is final. So my dear keep the good work up and always..

Thanks for this.. I don learn.
I have upvoted your work.

I like your zeal is my final word but
I am @brightfame


Lolz. All these accolades because of hair. Thanks o.

Hummm... I don't know weather I should barb my hair so I can start nurturing natural hair. Am a lady with a full hair but lazy to comb and style and have used a lot of relaxer and treatment to make my hair soft but proved abortive...


Pele. Join us naturalistas and enjoy beautiful hair.

Fantastic info dear. I also keep my hair natural and will follow these tips you have shared. Thanks alot @cwen. I love you hair, it's beautiful. Hope mine can get to be this long soon.


Thanks dear. Sure if you take care of your hair it will grow.