Epic Bee Harvest!

Hey everyone, what an epic last night we had and what an incredible today was. Nature never ceases to impress me it really doesn't. So what happened?


As winter approaches it is always a good idea to super down your honey collection frames. This all we did last night, as the days shorten and cool down. The bees lessen their numbers as the winter approaches hence needing less space to warm up during the winter always a good idea to decrease the surface area.

At times a few bees are left behind in the supers which tend to gather in one spot the following morning, a simple open window to quickly remove them and closed again rapidly and as to prevent other foragers coming back in to collect the honey I am busy processing!


Generally as the season winds down so does the honey flow. We were incredibly surprised to get an amazing harvest last night, 2 hives had no honey in at all, the first two we opened so it started off a little deepressing, we thought that would be the pattern for the evening, however hive number 3 was heavy, REALLY heavy, always a great sign. The rest surprisingly to follow also a BUMPER harvest, what a blessing!


Here we have some excellent healthy natural capped honey that red fork, used to take off the cappings on the honey to be able to extract easier!



The supers that are to be processed as well as my spinner and some other bee-equipment!

I have featured this honey extractor before, here again spining what must be 8 of atleast 50 full, honey laden frames!


Nature the incredible. I trust you have an amazing week and with crypto doing what it is.. Why not?

Love and light, be blessed!

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