7th of January Harvest

in homesteading •  2 years ago 

Dwarf Beans!!!

This is my wife and i's little helper, Possum. When ever we are in the garden she is not far behind us. Either attacking our ankles or laxing out under the silver beet or next to the zucchinis .
Woops sorry got carried away with the click bait hahaha onto the harvest.

A modest little harvest but you cant beat freshly picked vegetables. I used these with my roast pork for dinner tonight. Behind the harvest is a bouquet of wild flowers i made for my wife whilst out walking my two dogs.

Stay tuned for more harvest post. I have a cabbage that is begging to be picked and used.

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What a beautiful little helper you and your wife have! Meow :)

Just saw your cat. What a cutie.